Saturday, December 4, 2010

Julian Assange: Mars in Aquarius biquintile Pluto

Julian Assange's hour of birth is a mystery, like the man himself. But we know his day of birth (July 3, 1971) and so we know the most important positions on his day of birth, like for example the focal planet in the funnel pattern in his natal chart: Mars in Aquarius, biquintile Pluto. 

Mars in Aquarius is a team player and so is Assange. What he does is teamwork. Aquarius is the sign of changes, surprises and technology. The biquintile is a creative aspect. And Pluto is for power, politics, defense and strategy.  Mars biquintile Pluto means that there is a creative and strong drive to win and ...creative self defence...and a possible creative use of strategy in the field of technology. The sextile between Jupiter and Pluto increases this effect.

Also, his Saturn is rising before the Sun, for ambition and for the serious approach. The combination of Venus square Pluto and trine Mars says a lot about passions and the problems that they give. And we see Sun in aspect with Jupiter and Uranus: that is the combination of the helicopter view (see Astromarkt)

The narrow aspects of a day of birth are important for the natal chart. The impact of the aspects will be mirrored by the positions of the planets and lights in the chart (elevated, square Ascendant or angular). Without an hour of birth you don't have a complete picture but parts of what we know seem to resonate what is important in the chart. For example: Assange has the Moon in Scorpio. I quote this blog (about Scorpio):

Moon in Scorpio

You are used to have to defend yourself when you have Moon in Scorpio, so you start defending immediately. If not yourself than your intimates. You need challenges and if there are not any you make them by making difficulties. 

There are many persons born with the same positions on the same day of birth and they all have different aspects with the angles, a different Ascendant with different aspects, different genes, genders, social/economical situations and backgrounds. But if astrology is true, all those born on July 3, 1971 will have the same strongly driven nature to achieve a position of authority and they might all like to create some discord, perhaps. How else should one read Venus quintile Eris in this chart?

Venus quintile Eris knows how to enjoy discord? Or should I see this aspect as a creativily thrown apple in the middle of a group of diplomats. causing discord in diplomatic relationships? 

Here is the chart of the day of birth:

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