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Elton John's hours of birth and parenthood

The Astrodienst 2:00 a.m. chart for Elton John
On the first day of Xmas Elton John became the father of a little boy, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. Here is the DD-rated Astrodatabank chart of Elton John with the transits of Xmas day. The 2:00 a.m. chart is very uncertain. That is why I also included the 16.00 hour (4 pm) progressed chart and transits with progressed Ceres exactly square progressed Midheaven. Also see the16.00 (4 p.m.) birth chart reading on Art&Astrology, with more about the artist in the chart of Elton John. You may choose the right one!;)
(! The transits of the day of birth are reflecting the synastry between the charts of father and son as they are the position in the birth chart of the baby!)  

We see transit Pluto inconjunct natal Sun and Nodes of Elton John and that means a lot of stress (some changes have a price…:)...The birth might change Elton John's lifestyle more than he expected and has great impact.  Another observation is about Saturn. Saturn is important for the three of them. Saturn rises before Zachary’s Sun.
The Saturn of Elton is square the Sun of David Furnish (born 25 October 1962). David's Saturn is sextile the Sun and square the Moon of Elton. One of the meanings of Saturn is parents, and parenthood (including duties, responsibilities and the reward for it: respect).

If you wonder why they wanted to raise a child anyway: Elton John has Ceres rising before the Sun. David Furnish has the Moon rising before the Sun. This position of Moon and Ceres shows a certain orientation. Ceres and the Moon are important metaphores for motherhood, genes, care and nutrition. Ceres is exactly square Midheaven in the progressed chart for 4.00 p.m. Here it is:
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