Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The prominent Sun and Mars of August Busch IV

August Busch IV, now in the news because of the death of his friend, has a prominent Mars and Sun in the chart and that is perfectly in line with being a leading entrepeneur. 

First of all: Mars rises before his Sun and Mercury and doesn't make any aspect. This calling and orientational Mars tells us that he wants action, that he is fit for entrepeneur, the military or anything 'martial'. I read on Wikipedia
"August A. Busch IV holds advanced black belt degrees in the martial arts "...
Next is the Sun. The Sun in the 25th of Gemini is quintile Uranus, illustrating a creative way to be independent as a star, leader, showman or performer....He is leading a company and knows how to draw attention. 

Perhaps he inhereted the qualities to lead and promote, but it is there anyway, prominently in the chart. If you want to know more about prominent positions, see this post....Here is the chart of the day of birth for noon (no hour of birth available) and transits and progressions for December 23, 2010, when the body of his friend was found.

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