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Moon/Mercury midpoint combinations and perception

Moon is the symbol of what you experienced, need and sense. Mercury is the symbol of logic thinking and messages. The mix of Moon and Mercury is the mix of emotions and communications: perception (not objective observation, but using all senses). When a third party joins these two symbols, what kind of a perception do we get?

Venus adds sweetness, taste and sympathy. So what do you need when your Moon is part of a combination with Mercury and Venus (by aspect or midpoint)? I think that you need to have nice and elegant conversations, or flirtations, but anyway: you just need to talk to the ladies and you see kind persons around you. Ronald Reagan had this combination. 

Moon, Mercury and Mars: that is a more competitive perception. When you have Moon with Mercury and Mars, would you need to talk about sport, action, men? Or do you have a habit of working and talking at the same time? I guess so. 

I also suppose that with Moon, Mercury and Jupiter you need to talk a lot and have a big mouth sometimes. Or you are bluffing a bit. You see things greater than they are, perhaps? And you have a habit of telling the world what you think, like Hugo Chavez. This combination also gives a larger perspective. 

A Moon with Mercury and Saturn is much more difficult to explain. It depends very much on the person's mental condition and mentality if this Moon has a habit of lying or is just being cautious in communications and with relations. 

The Moon with Mercury and Uranus should hold the risk of construction failure but Steven Hawking has it (only if the time of birth is correct and there are doubts...), too and that is not the only reason why I think that it means a specific or special conception and the need to change ideas.

Moon with Mercury and Neptune has a colored conception and tend to 'color' events and memories. Fantasy moves in when Neptune is around. Poets might use the ability to see what is not visible for all, for art!:) 

Moon with Mercury and Pluto tends to mention things in a way that others feel intimidated a bit or he/she has a habit of getting in trouble with what he/she says, especially when emotions get in the way.

Moon with Mercury and Ascendant is of course always talking and with Moon. This person is perceiving it all. 

Moon, Mercury and Midheaven combinations: you long for (keeping) contact with the public or the clients

I have mentioned Sun/Moon/Mercury combinations before, see this link. With Sun/Moon-Mercury a person is being motivated by communications (writing, talking, singing, being the messenger) and the perception (emotions+brains) will be highlighted and will draw attention. The example charts that I mentioned were those of authors like Agatha Christie and J.K. Rowling. 

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Birthday of J.F. Kennedy

This is the chart of J.F. Kennedy, who was born on May 29, 1917. His chart is the chart of a leader, statesman and politician. Why? Because of the Sun, Saturn, Mercury/Saturn/Pluto and Moon-Jupiter. And that is just part of it!

1. The Sun doesn't make any aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is a 'calling' Sun: a Sun calling for attention and drawing attention at any possible level, by performing, leading and/or showing of. 

2. With Sun/Moon sesquisquare Saturn he is bound to be serious, a manager, motivated by responsibility. Saturn on top resonates the importance of managing, administration and responsibility, again. There is a third reason why Saturn is so important: Saturn is 'calling', just like the Sun. Saturn is the most important planet in this chart. Saturn is the symbol of the statesman, too.

3. Politics includes the ability of strategic thinking and communicating. The combination of Mercury/Saturn/Pluto is the combination of the strategic and political mind. JFK had that. The midpoint Mercury/Pluto is semi square Saturn.

4. As a President needs to be elected, popularity is a must. His Moon trine Mars and Jupiter and square Venus helped him to get the support of men and women. 

There is also a Mars/Saturn/Pluto combination in the chart: Saturn is semi square the midpoint Mars/Pluto. This combination is mirroring the danger of untimely death (and what President doesn't feel that danger?). 

In the natal chart Uranus is inconjunct Midheaven. President J.F. Kennedy died with transit Uranus exactly conjunct the Progressed Midheaven. When a transit or progression is repeating the aspect combination of the natal chart, this transit or progression is of major importance. The inconjunction with Midheaven could be seen as sudden lost. Here is the chart:

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Charts of the Casey and Caylee Anthony case

This post is about the charts of the case of the death of little Caylee Anthony and the trial against her mother, Casey Anthony. These charts show similar aspect combinations when compared to those of other (such) criminal cases: Mars-Pluto, Mars-Saturn-Pluto and Sun-Neptune. Those are the combinations of use and abuse of force or violence, untimely death and question marks about whereabouts or identity. 

Mother Casey Anthony is supposed to have been born on March 19, 1986 in Orlando and her daughter on August 9, 2005. Mid June 2008 Caylee vanished and on December 11, 2008 her dead body was found in a wood. The question is if Caylee was accidently killed or if her mother murdered her (and then she might get the dead penalty).  Fact is that the little girl died and that her mother hasn’t been able to come up with a plausible story.  What she told and did up to now is at least strange, even if she was not involved in her daughter’s death.

Charts don’t tell right from wrong. They just show patterns. Those patterns correspond to those in similar cases. See for example They are:

1.   Mars-Saturn-Pluto (combination of untimely death)
Mars is square Saturn and sesquisquare Pluto  with Pluto as the apex in the midpoint yod with Mars/Saturn (Mars/Saturn opposition Pluto) in the chart of little Caylee. Venus is involved with this trio, too. The Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination was also prominent in the chart of little Jonbenet Ramsey. I quote myself:
There is a grand square of Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto. Mars and Pluto are prominent in her chart, as they are connected to Zero Aries by hard aspects (135 degrees). Mars is on cusp eight, the house of Pluto and Mars opposes Pluto. It is clearly seen that there is a danger to die (8) because of an act (Mars) of violence (Pluto). 
Also see the post about Mars-Saturn-Pluto and the death of Osama bin Laden:

2.   Sun-Neptune (disappearance)
When someone’s ‘being’ or existence is unclear, Neptune is part of the picture. In the post about missing persons Neptune is clearly present. Caylee Anthony has a narrow opposition of Sun and Neptune in the natal chart.

3.   Mars-Pluto synastry (combination of danger of aggression)
In the case of Joran van der Sloot Mars-Pluto is exactly showing us what happened: use of violence, see
To avoid any speculations: Mars-Pluto interaction doesn't have to resonate violence between two persons. It all depends on circumstances, gender and situation. The Mars-Pluto energy could also be the reflection of intense competition. Aspects mean an issue or theme, not an act!


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Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and aspect combinations

Bacchus by Rubens (thanks to Wiki Commons
Jupiter/Pluto means 'a whole lot of' ' a treasure' 'intense potential for growth' and much more that creates greatness. Midpoint and aspect combinations with Jupiter/Pluto offer an opportunity to rise above the situation at birth. For example:

Sun/Jupiter/Pluto combinations enlarge the ego and challenges you to grow, have success, be ' great' and go for it. You want to be impressive and you will be! With this combination you have an intense self confidence and more self esteem (or influence and power) than others do.
Cardinal Richelieu, Hugo Chavez, Al Zarqawi and football players Wesley Sneyder and Zinedine Zidane have this combination.

Moon/Jupiter/Pluto combinations enlarge the soul and challenges you to become popular, successfully dominating the family. You want to be a great family member and you will be (of course you will!). Perhaps the other side of Moon/Jupiter/Pluto combinations is a dominating personality. You are attractive and you know what people want right now. That is a great concept for selling and launching new products. I have two examples: Oprah Winfrey and Eros Ramazotti.
1.Oprah Winfrey's Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is in hard aspect with the Moon and with Uranus. She is very very popular. 

2. Eros Ramazzotti has a lot of such combinations. I quote:
 He had a break through in 1084 with transit Pluto conjunct Sun and progressed Sun sesquisquare progressed Jupiter. Pluto and Jupiter joined forces for success. The 3rd indication for this break through is the aspect of the progressed Moon trine progressed Jupiter. There is no better aspect, believe me!
Of course it takes a willing birth chart to break through. Ascendant, MC and Moon are connected with Jupiter/Pluto. That is again 3 times success.

Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto enlarges the vocabulary and challenges you to be a great communicator (somehow).
Richard Nixon had Mercury square Jupiter/Pluto in his chart.
The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto combination in the chart of J.K.Rowling shows part of what brought her success: the great ideas and the ability to find words for them.

Venus/Jupiter/Pluto means (earning) a whole lot of love or of money and sometimes both. It is the key to a (social) successful marriage.
Also see the post about Venus in aspect with Pluto:
My examples are:
1. Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England, has Sun/Venus and Sun/Jupiter semi square Pluto. 
2. Dutch Princess Maxima has Jupiter/Pluto semi square Venus/Jupiter and Ascendant.
3. Robin William (Jupiter square Venus/Pluto) 
4. J.K. Rowling (Pluto semi square Venus/Jupiter) also have a Venus/Jupiter/Pluto midpoint combination
5. Politician Ruud Lubbers has Jupiter/Pluto semi square Venus (he is also a business man). 
6. Sarah Palin has Venus exactly on Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.

Mars/Jupiter/Pluto increases energy and drive. That will help you to win whatever competition.
Mitch Daniels has Mars/Pluto sesquisquare Jupiter. Recently his wife and daughters helped him to decide not to try to be the Republican candidate.

The Ascendant with Jupiter/Pluto makes you look great and that will help you to impress the persons that you meet. Barack Obama has this. It is also in the chart of Abbe Pierre. 

MC with Jupiter/Pluto challenges you to improve your condition and status. It is the recipe for a successful position in society (but it doesn't say at what level, how or why).
Examples: Ted Bundy (Jupiter sesquisquare Pluto/MC; Sarkozy has MC semi square Jupiter/Pluto, Galilei Pluto conjunct Jupiter/MC and Brad Pitt has MC square Jupiter/Pluto

The chart examples above have more indications for success than the mentioned combination.  You may understand that a number of these combinations with Jupiter/Pluto, Sun/Jupiter, Moon/Jupiter, Mercury/Jupiter, Venus/Jupiter, Mars/Jupiter, Jupiter/MC or Jupiter/Ascendant will be found in the charts of those 'who made it'. Charts should also be seen in the light of the gender, genes, circumstances and situations. Together with the character and talents these are the ingredients of the 'cake', the complete picture. 

For the combinations with Neptune (Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto) see the post about Jupiter/Neptune combinations. For those with Jupiter/Uranus see the post about Jupiter/Uranus combinations.  Just one more: Jupiter/Pluto with Pholus…that must be an enormous turning point, don’t you think?

Also visit:, perhaps about midpoints (how to calculate and interpret them). Later this year there will be a summary of all midpoint combinations on Astromarkt.

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Midpoint combinations with Jupiter/Neptune

On Astromarkt ( I name the aspect between Jupiter and Neptune the combination of the devoted audience and the remedy. About combinations of Sun, Jupiter and Neptune (quoting):
In various posts on this blog I have given examples of how Sun andNeptune combinations go together with the love for animals. Add a bit of Jupiter and you get the protection (Jupiter) of animal (Neptune) life (Sun). That is not because Neptune means 'animal'. Neptune cares for the weak ones because Neptune is a softie.
With the Sun idealism is highlighted, like in the chart of Mother Theresa. With Jupiter/Neptune in aspect with the Sun you live by your ideals (and sometimes that is because of a negative attitude towards success).
The Dalai Lama (born July 6, 1935) has the Sun tightly trine Jupiter and sextile Neptune, square Jupiter/Neptune. Jupiter is square Sun/Neptune. Neptune is conjunct Sun/Jupiter. His chart mirrors devotion, spirituality and idealism and is a great example of the effect of Sun-Jupiter-Neptune combinations.
The link with religion is unmistakable. But why the remedy?
In January of 2006, with Jupiter exactly square Neptune it was announced that tests had proven that a vaccination against avian flu would be successful. They found a remedy. In 2009 Jupiter has been conjunct Neptune end of May. In June 2009 a Swiss producer announced that the vaccin against Mexican Flu was ready for production. That was with Jupiter conjunct Neptune, too. In December there will be another conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. That is what I mentioned when I first published this. It seems that Jupiter-Neptune has indeed reflected the remedy.
Moon with Jupiter/Neptune is a great help for believers and could give success in such a career. But Ted Bundy also had this midpoint combination and he could easily mislead women. 
Mercury with Jupiter/Neptune you have a chance to be a great story teller (to communicate with the help of a lot of fantasy). 
Venus and Jupiter/Neptune is for the fairy tale marriage (in the eyes of others:)
Mars with Jupiter/Neptune doesn't only help in working with religion or the world of the movies. Chemical plants are also offering prospects. 
Jupiter/Neptune with Saturn is more of a generational influence. Only with more of such indications there is a warning to watch your weight (and weight changes).
Jupiter/Uranus/Neptune combinations is for the benefit of social laws or institutions, by groups. 
Ronald Reagan had Neptune semi square Jupiter/Pluto. This might suggest that he was following a certain ideology or guru or that many of his generation did. 
Jupiter/Neptune with Node is more personal and means that you are having contacts with believers, cheaters and groups of people who speculate.
Jupiter/Neptune with Ascendant is in the chart of a man like Billy Graham.
Jupiter/Neptune with MC: a career linked to devotion, like Mother Theresa.
See the label for more midpoint combinations. 
For more about the combinations with the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune, and for more examples, see Astromarkt

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Reinhold Ebertin's book Combination of Stellar Influences remains the basic work about midpoints and midpoint combinations. He named the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint the midpoint of apparent happiness and speculation and saw sociological correspondence in visionaries, dreamers, mystics, hypocrites and speculators and interpreted Sun with Jupiter/Neptune as: ' Lack of self-control, irresponsibility, speculation, squandering of physical strength. The act of deceiving or the misfortune of being deceived.' 

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Chart of Mr. Harold Camping's day of birth

Aren't we all happy that Harold Camping was wrong and we all were right about the End of the World? He is happy, too. At least, if you believe that transit Jupiter square Sun and inconjunct Venus is an astrological statement for extraordinary happiness...The fact that is was the wrong idea, that May 21 would be the last (or his lasts) is of minor importance. For that we see Saturn square natal Mercury and Neptune 105 d progressed Mercury. Also transit Pholus square Jupiter turns the happy tides. 

Wether he was right or wrong: he had success! His name is known all over the world. A woman tried to cut her daughters' throats just because mr. Harold Camping predicted the End of the World! What an influence! And what does the chart say about that? This is the chart of the day that Harold Camping was born. It was not 'just one day'. It was also the day of birth of a famous scientist, Rosalyn Sussman Yalow (link to Wiki). Perhaps it was a better day to be born as a scientist then to be than as a prophet...

First of all: we don't know the hour of birth, unfortunately. So we don't know the degree of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven, or the midpoint Sun/Moon or AC?MC. We don't know the angular positions, either. But, we know a few things. He has, for example, the majority of placements in water signs and that makes him the kind of person to 'go with the flow' with a desire to 'be part of it' 'to belong' and ' to be a member' (of the Good ones, of course). 

There is also an applying narrow trine between Uranus and Pluto, the duo of Revolution. There must be (Pluto) change (Uranus) and the trine shows us how fluently this concept of dramatic change is being adapted in the world of mr. Camping (I like that name, I like to go to Campings!:) Then there is Saturn quintile Pluto: a creative die hard! He is not really beaten by the facts of life. Now that his prediction failed, he simply produces the next one! Saturn-Uranus with Pluto makes the dramatic change not a very pleasant one (in his eyes).

Transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Quaoar tells us about sudden new realities causing lack of balance. 

We know that the tightest growing aspect in his chart is Mars sextile Saturn. Mars-Saturn wants discipline and order. The End of the World would be a good way to discipline earth, wouldn't it?  And let's not forget the magic biquintile between Mars and Pholus: the creative fighter. Mars-Saturn with Pholus would make a hard turning point. Mars is the orientational planet: he is an activist (Mars) creating (biquintile) hard turning points. And he just did! Some of his followers learned not to believe so hard.

Mr. Camping's nature is to make propaganda (Mars orientational) and aspects of his character are 'the die hard', 'hard discipline' and 'the way out to dramatic change' represented by Saturn-Pluto, Mars-Saturn and Uranus trine Pluto. He could have tried to become a scientist, but for a number of reasons that we don't know he became a 'prophet'. No astrologer would expect him to predict heaven ever after with this kind of a chart and horoscope. (But I wonder why transit Jupiter provides such a self confidence (and perhaps support) after such a moment.)

Mars is inconjunct Saturn right now (May 24, 2011) and that aspect made me think of mr. Obama's 'Beast' hitting the floor in England:) (also see

See the posts about Mars-Saturn...and about Mars rising before the Sun...and about the end of the World

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Midpoint combinations with Jupiter/Uranus

Yesterday’s post was about the positive change in the life of a man and the reflection of it: Jupiter-Pholus and Jupiter-Uranus. This post is about the midpoint Jupiter-Uranus and the combinations with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Node, Ascendant and Midheaven.

Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of the helicopter view. That is why this combination is found in the charts of astrologers (who have a sort of an overview over a chart and see the nativity as from ‘above’), of astronauts (clear…) and of modern popes (who also have a different perspective, don’t they?). With transits and/or progressions combinations with Jupiter/Uranus or Jupiter + Uranus bring relief. There is more about Jupiter-Uranus on Astromarkt, but here is more about the midpoint combinations.

Sun with Jupiter/Uranus is for those who look ahead, are inventive and (because of that) may experience unexpected happiness or relief.
Inventive lifestyle.

Moon with Jupiter/Uranus is a good combination for intuition and being able to tune in to what is needed. Inventive addaption.

Mercury with Jupiter/Uranus is successfully communicating an independent (new) opinion or idea. Inventive communications.

Venus with Jupiter/Uranus can suddenly be ‘discovered’ as an artist or falls in love with Mr. or Mrs. Right, suddenly. Inventive love.

Mars with Jupiter/Uranus is for inventive techniques, successful surgery and winning competitions.

It seems that Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus is a combination for construction damage. Maybe it is also for sudden moves (because of the damage) or (the most positive interpretation) for a relief related to a mortgage, insurance etc.

Jupiter/Uranus with Neptune is the combination of the generation that benefits from a changing rule or law. It is the hallelujah-feeling of profit without having to work for it.

Jupiter/Uranus with Pluto is the combination of a successful revolution and the benefits of total change.

Jupiter/Uranus with Node makes you part of a community with ideas of hope and change.

Jupiter/Uranus with Ascendant improves your situation, is stimulating others. Those people really make others happy.

Jupiter/Uranus with MC (Midheaven) is in the charts of professional astrologers like Jean Baptiste Morin (MC semi square Jupiter/Uranus) or Dane Rudhyar (Uranus square Jupiter/MC or Noel Tyl (MC conjunct Jupiter/Uranus). They share a profession related to the expression of certain convictions and a helicopter view.

Jupiter/Uranus with Pholus must be a very fortunate turning point. Transit Pholus will be semi square my Jupiter/Uranus and conjunct my Sun/MC end of December of 2012. That is when I plan to quit my job and dedicate myself to what I like most. Guess what…J

Also visit: for example to find out how to calculate and interpret midpoint combinations.

Jupiter-Uranus was named the 'Thank God' combination by Reinhold Ebertin. Some people say that a lot of times...See this cartoon...:)

Saturn and saying 'Goodbye'

Saturn makes hard aspects in the charts of women who discover that their beloved husbands cheated on them. Saturn is the symbol of restrictions, endings, separation and hard reality. When you are not rich, don't have a job and do have children to take care of, this Saturn will hit you hard. But even independent and rich women experience the reflection of Saturn in the sad period when they face reality and have to consider divorce or keeping up appearances. For example:

Maria Shriver, divorcing Arnold Schwarzenegger: transit Saturn sesquisquare progressed AC/MC and square progressed Sun.
Sandra Bullock, ex of Jesse James, had Progressed AC/MC square Saturn and transit Pholus in hard aspect with natal midpoint AC/MC. 
Mrs Strauss-Kahn (15 July 1948, 16:30 New York) has Progressed MC square Saturn within a few weeks and right now Transit Neptune square Ascendant.
The effect may not be felt in the wallet, but Saturn apparently doesn't make a difference when it comes to feelings. Saturn is hard. Even though transits and progressions of Saturn don't necessarily resonate cheating husbands, they always end a period of time (in family life, business, relationship or health conditions).

With Saturn you have to say goodbye to 'before' when it is too soon to say 'Hello' to 'later'...Like when a stone is thrown into the river, the transit or progression of Saturn will have a longer effect than just for the moment of the 'hit'. 

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Positive change (like in Jerry Winkler's life)

The life of homeless Jerry Winkler changed in a dramatic way last year, when he found out that his biological father  (Alfred Winkler) was a very rich man. After the death of his mother his father admitted not to be his biological father. That is when he started a quest that ended when his DNA matched late Alfred Winkler's for 99,99999 percent. This year they are making a movie about the developments in Jerry's life. But, you may wonder: what is in the chart? The hour of birth is not known, but still there is a lot of information.

You'd expect this chart to show some kind of potential for change, wouldn't you? And there is: Uranus is calling (not aspected): change!  But we'd expect more, wouldn't we? Well, there is more...Jupiter is in the first degree of Scorpio, semi square Uranus and not making a major aspect in sign in 5 degrees of orb. So now we have a 'calling' Uranus and a 'calling' Jupiter! 
The combination of Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of relief, positive change and fortunate surprise. 

Pholus is the symbol of turning points. In the year 2010 Pholus was inconjunct the natal Sun of Jerry. That means: a disproportionate turning point, with a loss involved (losing the possible contact with his biological father, who died that year). The positive turning point happened to be with the midpoint of transit Jupiter/Pholus conjunct his progressed Sun. A third indication is the transit of Uranus in the first degree of Aries, inconjunct his natal Jupiter and trine natal Uranus (a second lucky Jupiter-Uranus combination**). So we count 3 combination for lucky change and one for a turning point with a loss.

You might wonder how this young man became homeless. There were problems with his stepfather and he left home when he was 14. As a drug addict and dealer he saw the bad sides of life. Sun square Saturn in the natal chart is reflecting the restrictions and limitations of life (and the distance to his parents/father). His real father died without even knowing that he had a son.

Read the story on BBC
but I am not sure if he is the heir as the article says (though the foundation of his father says to help him).  

**) When prominent aspects or placements in the natal chart are repeated (resonating) in the transits and progressions, there is usually something important to happen.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Hooray , hurrah for the progressed birthday

Did you ever celebrate your progressed birthday? That is the day when transit Sun is conjunct your progressed Sun (a solar transit with Progressed Sun). You see, your birthday is when the transit Sun is conjunct your natal Sun (usually on or around your official birthday). Add the number of birthdays that you already celebrated (your age) to that day and you found your progressed birthday.

I discovered that day when I was having a very nice brunch with family members, just because I liked to celebrate 'life' with them. When I calculated transits and progressions I noticed that transit Sun was on my progressed Sun: the progressed birthday! It is an especially pleasant party time when Venus and Jupiter join in!

So if you are looking for a good reason to 'party', find out more about your progressed birthday. It is within 0-100 days after your birthday.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saturn and Lars von Trier

Saturn is the planet of criticism and the punishment for mistakes. A good example is the chart of Lars von Trier, who choose this astrological period and that place and moment to joke about Nazi's:

Transit Saturn inconjunct Sun 
Transit Uranus square progressed Sun, 
Transits Saturn inconjunct Progressed Mars 
Transit Saturn trine Progressed Mercury
Transit Neptune square natal Mercury
Transit Uranus square progressed Sun, 

 In an interview he said that he understood Hitler. Now he is 'persona non grata' at the film festival of Cannes, although his (nominated) movie 'Melancholia' (...) still has a chance to win the Golden Palm. That won't be a pleasure for this Moon in Capricorn.

Saturn is the symbol of restrictions and inconjuntions almost always mean loss. Saturn+Uranus = restricted freedom. Saturn+Neptune with Mercury might refer to sick jokes. And than we have Saturn inconjunct Mars (dead ends). Saturn is the apex of the Yod with progressed Mars and natal Sun (and Progressed Mars is sextile natal Sun). Mars-Saturn apparently mirrors a disciplinary act (maybe a bit disproportional). Mercury and Mars with Saturn is reflecting nasty discussions. Uranus square Sun causes upheaval. Moreover: Saturn inconjunct Sun is an unfortunate combination of being blamed or criticised (and punished, too).

Those are 5 hard aspect combinations. That is more than 3 and that is usually enough for something important to happen. Lars von Trier managed to be the first 'persona non grata' of the Cannes festival. There are more persons born on April 30, 1956, of course. But they don't all have an interview and their hours of birth make a difference.

So let's say that Lars von Trier didn't actually have a great timing. Saturn happens to be the symbol of timing, too...

In 2000 in Cannes he won. That is when the progressed Sun was sextile Jupiter and transit Jupiter and Saturn where square Jupiter. There is more Jupiter than Saturn in the astrological picture of 2000. That is the difference.
BTW In the natal chart the Sun is square Mars and Mercury is in a strong opposition with Saturn. When natal aspect combinations are being repeated by transit or progressions, there is great impact. Another interesting aspect combination is Mars conjunct Pholus. The turning point (Pholus) in a conflict (Mars) seems also to have the effect of a conflict (Mars) causing a turning point (Pholus).

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Oprah Winfrey's final show

Transit Pluto was on the progressed Moon of Oprah Winfrey, on the day before yesterday, when the final show was made (on television next week). Pluto with Moon intensifies emotions, so I guess that the large amount of hand kerchiefs was needed:). Another sign now is the progressed Sun inconjunct Pallas (symbol of patterns) now that she stops the 25-year range of popular shows on television. Within a few weeks transit Pluto will be on the Sun/Moon midpoint to transform her lifestyle. Of course she decided this a year ago and in the past months there have been many important transits and progressions. For some more about the indications for change in the chart of Oprah (and for the signs of changing times) on this blog, see:

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chart, progressions and transits of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Someone mailed me about the excellent analysis of the Oxford Astrologer*) of the chart of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF leader who is now in jail after accusations of attempt of raping a chamber maid in a NY hotel. What more can I say? This post adds something about Pholus on his Descendant, the progressed chart and the transits of May 14, 2011 (day of the arrest). On that day there was a difficult combination of transits: transit Neptune, ruler 8th house, inconjunct DSK's Ascendant + transit Saturn quindecile (165d) his important Mars.  Transit Saturn will soon be trine progressed Midheaven and Mars (as from next week till July). What does it mean? In short, that says: double death ends (restrictions) and humiliation. And there is always more in such cases: Mercury trine Neptune in the progressed chart. Mercury-Neptune is the suspect’s aspect combination (see the posts about the Friedman’s and Amanda Knox, see the labe). Mercury-Neptune also doesn’t support trips. There will always be something wrong with the schedule. Even it there are trines (or maybe it is even easier to confuse plans with trines!).

Charts must be seen in the light of someone’s gender, genes, situation, status, condition and culture. Strauss-Kahn risks a 20 year punishment for what he did in the USA. Earlier sexual misbehavior in Europe hasn’t even been reported. It seems that the IMF-man did the wrong thing in the wrong city. And that the tightest major natal aspect in his chart (Mars sextile Uranus, see Astromarkt) proved to be the aspect of acting on impulse, again. 

Continue for more about the natal chart, the changes in the progressed chart and the complete list of transits for the day of his arrest, with chart drawings.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sun/Mars midpoint combination

A midpoint is the point in the middle of two positions in a chart. Any object on that midpoint or in hard aspect with that midpoint creates a midpoint combination. This post is about the midpoint combinations with Sun/Mars. Sun/Mars can be the midpoint of the man in your life - in women’s charts: when I had progressed MC conjunct Sun/Mars I met my husband- and provides information about the nature of your energy level and how you manifest your drives.
Monument to the Sun in Croatia, by Andrej Salov 

The midpoint combinations with Moon, Mercury and Venus have been published in earlier posts about Sun/Moon, Sun/Mercury and Sun/Venus. New are Sun/Mars/Jupiter, Sun/Mars/Saturn, Sun/Mars/Uranus, Sun/Mars/Neptune, Sun/Mars/Pluto, Sun/Mars/Node, Sun/Mars/AC and Sun/Mars/MC. 

"Impatience, action, promotion, drives and energy are being highlighted, sometimes people with this combination actually are ‘in sports’ or activists. In the chart of a female this midpoint combination often highlights the importance of the opposite sex. Anyone with Sun/Moon/Mars-combinations wants marriage and family life to be productive and sees marriage as a sort of a joint venture. They need speed and action to feel alive."

"The sharp mind often produces sharp opinions. I know of a comedian with a threefold combination of Sun/Mercury/Mars. His words really 'cut' and 'hit' you when you are the target!"

"Sun/Venus in hard aspect with Mars: that is a combination for passion, art and love. Both Paris Hilton and Paul McCartney have Sun conjunct Venus/Mars: that is another way to make a Sun/Venus/Mars midpoint combination."

When Jupiter is in hard aspect with Sun/Mars you are likely having success thanks to a lot of energy and drive. Dutch conqueror Piet Hein had Sun semi square Mars/Jupiter. Nelson Mandela has Mars square Sun/Jupiter. 

Sun/Mars with Saturn finds fewer joy in working and being a man with responsibilities, unless the person involved sees his duties as only natural. Mars-Saturn is the aspect combination of discipline and being disciplined. The military is one of the territories of Mars-Saturn. This combination might also reflect mourning. Prince William has Sun/Saturn conjunct Mars. Prince Charles has Sun/Mars square Saturn. 

 Women might live with a man who is not always there for them or life with (or without) a man can be hard. Michele Martin, the wife of serial killer Marc Dutroux, responsible for the death of two 8 year old girls, has Sun/Mars conjunct Saturn (Sun in 24 Capricorn, Mars 0 Capricorn and Saturn 12 Capricorn). 

The explosive nature of Mars and Uranus is being highlighted by the Sun when there is a midpoint combination of Sun, Mars and Uranus. Sometimes this combination refers to ‘an accident’ (getting pregnant, too) and arrests. The ability of acceleration is the other side of this combination.
Zinedine Zidane has Uranus square Sun/Mars. Osama bin Laden had Sun/Uranus conjunct Mars. 

Sun/Mars and Neptune is more obscure. Someone with this midpoint combination might work in secret business or be involved in ‘an affair’. Another resonation is lost of energy due to poison or drugs or being the victim of aggression…it can’t be all that bad. Rudi Guiliani has Mars conjunct Sun/Neptune, for example.

Sun/Mars and Pluto intensifies vital male energies. Mars with Pluto is the combination of the drive to win. The sun is highlighting this drive. The ‘strong man’ (in force or in politics) has such a midpoint combination. For example: Lula da Silva (Sun square Mars/Pluto) and Pope Benedict XVI: Sun/Mars semi square Pluto. 

Sun/Mars and Nodes is the combination of the working community of men, a team of workers and of producing together.

Sun/Mars and Ascendant offers opportunities to be active, assertive and/or aggressive. Bruce Willis has Mars semi square Sun/Ascendant.

The team leader (the coordinating worker) has Sun/Mars in hard aspect with Midheaven but this combination pops up in the charts of famous women, too. Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand and Stephanie Grimaldi have Sun/Mars/MC. They are active and energetic. Dutch king-to-be Prince William Alexander also has this midpoint combination.


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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sun/Venus midpoint combinations

Venus is the symbol of beauty and art. What we see above is not what we consider a beautiful woman, today. It all depends on culture and time (and gender), just like everything that we see in a chart. The Sun/Venus midpoint reveals more about love life and the way that you deal with the sweeter and softer sides of life.

When there is a hard aspect (45, 90, 135 or 180d) with the point between  Sun and Venus, there is a midpoint combination of Sun/Venus with the planet or position in aspect. The midpoint combinations of Sun/Moon/Venus and Sun/Mercury/Venus have been published before. Here they are quoted and there is more about the other possible combinations of Sun/Venus with planets, Node, Ascendant and Midheaven.

 It is the combination of the art of living, the desire to live in peace and being charming in heart and soul (because you want to be loved and probably ARE). 
(see earlier post for more:

Sun/Venus in hard aspect with Mars: that is a combination for highlighted passion, art and love. Both Paris Hilton and Paul McCartney have Sun conjunct Venus/Mars: that is another way to make a Sun/Venus/Mars midpoint combination.

Sun/Venus in hard aspect with Jupiter is the privilige of the lucky guy or girl: either in love or in art. Examples: Peter Paul Rubens (Venus conjunct Sun/Jupiter) and Brad Pitt (Jupiter square Sun/Venus) or Dutch Queen Beatrix who is a privileged person and a sculptor and has Sun/Venus/Jupiter combinations 3 times together with a conjunction of Sun, Venus and Jupiter. Sun/Venus/Jupiter makes you see the benefits of style and life is a celebration.

There must be ‘another side of the coin’ for Brad Pitt, because he doesn’t only have a Sun/Venus/Jupiter-combination. He also has a Sun/Venus/Saturn combination! His Venus is conjunct Sun/Saturn. Linda Lovelace’s chart has Venus semi square Sun/Saturn.
This is the combination that shows you the limitations of love life and style and makes cautious in love (and art) because of earlier separations. With Sun-Venus-Saturn 'keeping up appearances in love life' might be one of the possible ways to read this midpoint combination.

Sun/Venus with Uranus is very stimulating for an artist and produces a hectic love life. Tension goes together with the latest styles. Victoria Beckham has Venus sesquisquare Sun/Uranus. She is in the news often because of her husband’s supposed to be love adventures. In the C-rated chart of Astrodatabank, her Venus is trine Ascendant and sesquisquare Uranus, to illustrate the fact that she is a good looking woman. For more about Venus-Uranus, see Astropost.

Sun/Venus with Neptune is for the romantic person or talented artist. This combination adds fantasy and dreams to the love life and life style. Karel Appel had Sun semi square Venus/Neptune, for example. Venus-Neptune is part of the pattern of artistic talents in a chart. See my blog Art&Astrology for more examples of the pattern.

Sun/Venus with Pluto is an intense combination for love: it is all or nothing and there also may be money issues. With this combination your qualities to earn money might be highlighted, too. Sometimes Sun/Venus/Pluto mirrors a dramatic love life. Paul McCartney has Sun conjunct Venus/Pluto.
Venus/Pluto intensifies desires and wishes ('to have to have') and (with other indications) reflects special talents. Read more about Venus/Pluto on Astromarkt.

Sun/Venus with Node is reflecting the shared joy of life, the diplomat and the beloved family or company of nice and talented people. It is likely that someone with this combination will do anything to improve the atmosphere. Prince Charles has Northern Node opposition Sun/Venus.

Sun/Venus with Ascendant wants to make the world look better. Francisco Goya used art to do so. He had Ascendant square Sun/Venus.

Sun/Venus with Midheaven might have a professional career in art, as an artist, or related to love and beauty, just like movie star Monique van de Ven with Sun semi square Venus/Midheaven. 


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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sun/Mercury midpoint combinations

In the post named 'Sun/Moon/Mercury midpoint combinations' I referred to being motivated by communications (writing, speaking, or being a messenger by transporting the message). There is another way to look at a Sun/Moon/Mercury combination and that is when you see it as Sun/Mercury with Moon. Sun/Mercury is the midpoint of your mental health and personal ideas. When the Moon mixes with this midpoint, your opinion is influenced by your feelings and what you say is coloured by bias. So in a way, anyone with a Sun/Moon/Mercury combination writes what he feels and is a potential liar, because he colors the facts. Perhaps that is why writers of fiction often have this midpoint combination. However, there is also a strong drive to mention facts and to discuss them. That makes it easier to learn the truth. Sun/Moon/Mercury combinations describe feelings and memories or talk about what motivates them. People with this combination write and speak with heart and soul. But they are not objective, they have feelings for the things that they talk about.

When Sun/Mercury is mixed with Venus grace, style and beauty are added to expressing the opinion or view. You easily get contact with others and this might lead to marrying young. This combination of Sun/Mercury/Venus is very frequent and not all of the persons with this combination in the natal chart will become a writer. But they all communicate in a nice manner.

How different is the Sun/Mercury/Mars-combination! The sharp mind often produces sharp opinions. I know of a comedian with a threefold combination of Sun/Mercury/Mars. His words really 'cut' and 'hit' you when you are the target!

Sun/Mercury/Jupiter-combinations succeed by communicating ideas. When mention some examples of this combination you immediately will see: Sacha Cohen has Jupiter semi square Sun/Mercury. Michelangelo is supposed to have had Mercury conjunct Sun/Jupiter. Can you imagine how prosperous the life of this person as a student might have been?

Sun/Mercury/Saturn-combinations point at the hard sides of student life. Aletta Jacobs was the first Dutch woman allowed to study medicines and she had Sun conjunct Mercury, both square Saturn. It took her a lot of time to get permission and her time as a student was of course not very pleasant.

Galilei had Sun conjunct Mercury/Uranus and you know what he did: he said something very controversial about earth turning around the sun. Sacha Cohen has Sun conjunct Mercury/Uranus, too and what he says raises many eyebrows, too.

Sun/Mercury/Neptune is good for a man like William Shakespeare, because this midpoint combination ads fantasy to words. But in all other cases misinterpretations and misunderstandings (maybe even having the wrong opinion) could confuse communications.

Sun/Mercury/Pluto is the combination of the power and influence of the mind and of the word. Nelson Mandela has Sun conjunct Mercury/Pluto and politician Luia da Silva has Pluto square Sun/Mercury. This combination might also lead to mental stress.

Sun/Mercury/Node shows the opinions of a community or group and people with this combination in their chart might exchange ideas or instruct a group of listeners.

Sun/Mercury/Ascendant is the representation of lively communications,somehow. For example as a teacher.

Sun/Mercury/Midheaven is for the professional writer. J.K. Rowling has Midheaven conjunct Sun/Mercury and she wrote the Harry Potter books.

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