Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saturn and Lars von Trier

Saturn is the planet of criticism and the punishment for mistakes. A good example is the chart of Lars von Trier, who choose this astrological period and that place and moment to joke about Nazi's:

Transit Saturn inconjunct Sun 
Transit Uranus square progressed Sun, 
Transits Saturn inconjunct Progressed Mars 
Transit Saturn trine Progressed Mercury
Transit Neptune square natal Mercury
Transit Uranus square progressed Sun, 

 In an interview he said that he understood Hitler. Now he is 'persona non grata' at the film festival of Cannes, although his (nominated) movie 'Melancholia' (...) still has a chance to win the Golden Palm. That won't be a pleasure for this Moon in Capricorn.

Saturn is the symbol of restrictions and inconjuntions almost always mean loss. Saturn+Uranus = restricted freedom. Saturn+Neptune with Mercury might refer to sick jokes. And than we have Saturn inconjunct Mars (dead ends). Saturn is the apex of the Yod with progressed Mars and natal Sun (and Progressed Mars is sextile natal Sun). Mars-Saturn apparently mirrors a disciplinary act (maybe a bit disproportional). Mercury and Mars with Saturn is reflecting nasty discussions. Uranus square Sun causes upheaval. Moreover: Saturn inconjunct Sun is an unfortunate combination of being blamed or criticised (and punished, too).

Those are 5 hard aspect combinations. That is more than 3 and that is usually enough for something important to happen. Lars von Trier managed to be the first 'persona non grata' of the Cannes festival. There are more persons born on April 30, 1956, of course. But they don't all have an interview and their hours of birth make a difference.

So let's say that Lars von Trier didn't actually have a great timing. Saturn happens to be the symbol of timing, too...

In 2000 in Cannes he won. That is when the progressed Sun was sextile Jupiter and transit Jupiter and Saturn where square Jupiter. There is more Jupiter than Saturn in the astrological picture of 2000. That is the difference.
BTW In the natal chart the Sun is square Mars and Mercury is in a strong opposition with Saturn. When natal aspect combinations are being repeated by transit or progressions, there is great impact. Another interesting aspect combination is Mars conjunct Pholus. The turning point (Pholus) in a conflict (Mars) seems also to have the effect of a conflict (Mars) causing a turning point (Pholus).

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