Saturday, May 21, 2011

Positive change (like in Jerry Winkler's life)

The life of homeless Jerry Winkler changed in a dramatic way last year, when he found out that his biological father  (Alfred Winkler) was a very rich man. After the death of his mother his father admitted not to be his biological father. That is when he started a quest that ended when his DNA matched late Alfred Winkler's for 99,99999 percent. This year they are making a movie about the developments in Jerry's life. But, you may wonder: what is in the chart? The hour of birth is not known, but still there is a lot of information.

You'd expect this chart to show some kind of potential for change, wouldn't you? And there is: Uranus is calling (not aspected): change!  But we'd expect more, wouldn't we? Well, there is more...Jupiter is in the first degree of Scorpio, semi square Uranus and not making a major aspect in sign in 5 degrees of orb. So now we have a 'calling' Uranus and a 'calling' Jupiter! 
The combination of Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of relief, positive change and fortunate surprise. 

Pholus is the symbol of turning points. In the year 2010 Pholus was inconjunct the natal Sun of Jerry. That means: a disproportionate turning point, with a loss involved (losing the possible contact with his biological father, who died that year). The positive turning point happened to be with the midpoint of transit Jupiter/Pholus conjunct his progressed Sun. A third indication is the transit of Uranus in the first degree of Aries, inconjunct his natal Jupiter and trine natal Uranus (a second lucky Jupiter-Uranus combination**). So we count 3 combination for lucky change and one for a turning point with a loss.

You might wonder how this young man became homeless. There were problems with his stepfather and he left home when he was 14. As a drug addict and dealer he saw the bad sides of life. Sun square Saturn in the natal chart is reflecting the restrictions and limitations of life (and the distance to his parents/father). His real father died without even knowing that he had a son.

Read the story on BBC
but I am not sure if he is the heir as the article says (though the foundation of his father says to help him).  

**) When prominent aspects or placements in the natal chart are repeated (resonating) in the transits and progressions, there is usually something important to happen.

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