Sunday, May 22, 2011

Midpoint combinations with Jupiter/Uranus

Yesterday’s post was about the positive change in the life of a man and the reflection of it: Jupiter-Pholus and Jupiter-Uranus. This post is about the midpoint Jupiter-Uranus and the combinations with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Node, Ascendant and Midheaven.

Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of the helicopter view. That is why this combination is found in the charts of astrologers (who have a sort of an overview over a chart and see the nativity as from ‘above’), of astronauts (clear…) and of modern popes (who also have a different perspective, don’t they?). With transits and/or progressions combinations with Jupiter/Uranus or Jupiter + Uranus bring relief. There is more about Jupiter-Uranus on Astromarkt, but here is more about the midpoint combinations.

Sun with Jupiter/Uranus is for those who look ahead, are inventive and (because of that) may experience unexpected happiness or relief.
Inventive lifestyle.

Moon with Jupiter/Uranus is a good combination for intuition and being able to tune in to what is needed. Inventive addaption.

Mercury with Jupiter/Uranus is successfully communicating an independent (new) opinion or idea. Inventive communications.

Venus with Jupiter/Uranus can suddenly be ‘discovered’ as an artist or falls in love with Mr. or Mrs. Right, suddenly. Inventive love.

Mars with Jupiter/Uranus is for inventive techniques, successful surgery and winning competitions.

It seems that Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus is a combination for construction damage. Maybe it is also for sudden moves (because of the damage) or (the most positive interpretation) for a relief related to a mortgage, insurance etc.

Jupiter/Uranus with Neptune is the combination of the generation that benefits from a changing rule or law. It is the hallelujah-feeling of profit without having to work for it.

Jupiter/Uranus with Pluto is the combination of a successful revolution and the benefits of total change.

Jupiter/Uranus with Node makes you part of a community with ideas of hope and change.

Jupiter/Uranus with Ascendant improves your situation, is stimulating others. Those people really make others happy.

Jupiter/Uranus with MC (Midheaven) is in the charts of professional astrologers like Jean Baptiste Morin (MC semi square Jupiter/Uranus) or Dane Rudhyar (Uranus square Jupiter/MC or Noel Tyl (MC conjunct Jupiter/Uranus). They share a profession related to the expression of certain convictions and a helicopter view.

Jupiter/Uranus with Pholus must be a very fortunate turning point. Transit Pholus will be semi square my Jupiter/Uranus and conjunct my Sun/MC end of December of 2012. That is when I plan to quit my job and dedicate myself to what I like most. Guess what…J

Also visit: for example to find out how to calculate and interpret midpoint combinations.

Jupiter-Uranus was named the 'Thank God' combination by Reinhold Ebertin. Some people say that a lot of times...See this cartoon...:)


Anonymous said...

Jupiter/Uranus with DC ?

Astromarkt said...

That is Jupiter/Uranus on horizon, like Ascendant:)

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Thanks! ;)