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Mars/Saturn/Pluto midpoint combination and Osama bin Laden

Progressions and transits of Osama bin Laden
Early this morning (for me in Europe) I twittered about Osama bin Laden and the progressed Mars quindecile his Saturn. Here is some more about the chart of Osama bin Laden and his reported death. There are three important indications for the issue of violent death in his (progressed) chart right now. There are 3 (there always are 3 to indicate an important event) and they are heavy:
- Progressed Mars quindecile Saturn (already mentioned)
- Transit Saturn/Pluto opposition natal Mars
- Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed and natal Sun
Saturn refers to 'the limit' and 'the end' of a period of life. Mars-Saturn-Pluto mirrors violent or unnatural death threats. Mars-Saturn is the combination of ending energy. Mars-Saturn and Pluto are the trio of untimely death.

We don't know the time of birth of Osama bin Laden, so that is all. But in the case of a fugitive, wanted for already 10 years, with a price on his head, the three progressions and transits in combination with the inconjunction (symbol of lack of balance or lost) were enough to kill the leader of Al Quaida. Here is the natal chart with transits and progressions:
The chart, transits and progressions can't prove his death. Remember Bobby Brown? He lives. See the post about the announcement of his death during transit Saturn opposition Sun and a Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination and even more. He was pronounced death but they managed to bring him back. I don't think that this will happen in the case of Osama bin Laden...
Charts should always been seen in the light of the situation and condition and of the natal chart. When you combine the hard aspects in Osama's natal, transits and progressions with the situation (being under attack instead of in hospital) the outcome just had to be different, even in a year with progressed Sun sesquisquare Jupiter (see the label 'Jupiter, life and death' or 'doping' about the negative side of the positive Jupiter).

PS The fate of Osama bin Laden shows the importance of having a look at your progressed Sun sign. The progressed Sun of Osama bin Laden was in the 13th degree of Taurus (the degree of the Taurus born in the first days of May. I quote the predictions of 2011:

Unfortunately, the Taurus born in the first half of May, must face nasty business. Perhaps there will be an unbalancing end of a situation or period? There is some comfort: it will be so much better mid 2012! But still, it can be difficult until then.

And that was because of Saturn inconjunct this Sun, one of the three fatal transits.

Earlier post (dated March 9, 2008) about the reading of the natal chart of Osama bin Laden...Quote:

The square Mars-Pluto is the first clue to the use of violence. Mars is conjunct the fixed star Algol (for adventures, lying and for the one who litterally or not loses his head). Pluto is conjunct Regulus (the 'royal star'). But that is the fact with many of those of his generation.

See the labels Mars Saturn Pluto and Mars Saturn or Life and death for more examples of these aspect combinations. 

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