Sunday, May 8, 2011

When one chart is up and the other one is down...

How can you laugh when you know I'm down?!
That must have been written by someone who is familiar with the situation of one person having T Saturn in aspect with natal or progressed Sun,MC or Asc or to someone with transit Venus trine Sun or another nice transit that makes you count your blessings. When a family member has reason enough to feel down, how can you be happy and full of joy? You will be influenced by the other (and more if you care much about this person and/or if you are sensitive and compassionate). 
So, how CAN you laugh with Venus, then? Silently? Smiling? Or should Venus just give access to the candy shop, smooth and swiftly?:) How to read these two charts and the effect on each other? I will give it a try.
BTW I don't mean the situation of having fun because of someone else's misfortune. This is about LOVED ones and meant for those who care about others.

MINOR ASPECTS INVOLVED?When two people are close and their charts have tight synastry aspects, the Saturn transit might hit the chart of the other person, too. Perhaps in a minor aspect (not directly visible, but underneath, for example a transit of Saturn with Sun/Moon). And the Venus trine might help the other, not directly but by comforting the other. Comfort (in both senses) belongs to Venus, too. Helping your loved ones makes you feel good. And for the Saturn-transit-person: trying not to be too down when you are in the company of someone who just had good news might (just for a minute) lift you up a bit, too. Or when someone is scared and fears the critics (the Saturn person) the Venus person might cheer him/her up and give some compliments. The situation reminds me of the final jury in a contest, when two persons just heard that one has lost and the other is the chosen one. The loser pretends to be happy for the winner and the winner tries to comfort the loser and be happy at the same time. Difficult! That is why I don't sing!:) 

SO...When people are close you should also consider the chart or charts of the loved ones. They color the meaning of transits and progressions, just like the emotions of  your loved ones color yours. 

A chart has to be seen in the light of situations (private and national), conditions, cultures, age, gender and with the charts of the most important persons in somebody's life, too. Mothers and children are close. It is Mothers Day today. How many mothers would laugh, when their child is down, I wonder? For those who can't help laughing when they see someone falling down (even if they love them) try this link. Wiki helps you not to laugh at inappropriate times:

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