Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sun/Moon/Jupiter midpoint combinations

Sun/Moon midpoint month on Astromarkt! There have been posts about Sun/Moon in aspect with Mercury, Venus and Mars and now it is time for Jupiter. A Sun/Moon/Jupiter midpoint combination doesn’t make ‘happy ever after’ or ‘as long as you shall live’ and that is a pity, I think. There are so many unlucky combinations and that is why you would like the scarce lucky ones to be more effective than they really are. Of course, Christopher Reeves was a weatlhy person (just as Reinhold Ebertin in ‘ The combination of Stellar Influences’ said that a person with Sun/Jupiter-Moon would be, but the combination didn’t save him from falling of a horse. Sun/Moon is about motivation and when Jupiter –symbol of what is abundant and great - is added to the mix, we get a lot of motivation. That is often a key to success. What is highlighted (Sun/Moon) is enthusiasm, optimism and a will to grow, learn and progress in life. Jupiter and Mercury are the components of ‘to travel’. Jupiter with Sun/Moon makes you an international in hearth and soul. Jupiter is also the symbol of horse power. There you are!

Sun/Moon with Jupiter promises a happy family life and the support of partners.

Here are a few lucky examples:
1.  Spanish King Juan Carlos has Sun/Moon conjunct Jupiter
2.  George W. Bush has Moon semi square Sun/Jupiter
3.  Queen Mother Elizabeth had Moon semi square Sun/Jupiter
4.  Beethoven had Sun conjunct Moon/Jupiter
5.  Clint Eastwood: Moon semi square Sun/Jupiter

In the article about Sun/Moon on Astromarkt I wrote about Jupiter with Sun/Moon:

Motivated for growth, traveling and convincing or guiding others. The need to have successes. I think that when a person has Sun/Moon with Jupiter he/she feels best when able to be directing, leading or guiding others, at whatever level and that they won’t be happy in the role of ‘subject’.  So if you have this midpoint combination and you are not a manager, try to travel a lot to compensate.

BTW In the first two hours of April 30 2011 Sun/Moon is conjunct Jupiter. If you are planning to have a baby, try to have him/her at that hour:). LOL of course! However, you would benefit from the influence of the new born Sun/Moon/Jupiter.

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