Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sun/Mars/Uranus midpoint combinations (and Pholus again)

Pholus inconjunct your progressed Sun and square natal Venus is a turning point in your love life (with the risk to get hurt). In April 2011 while promoting her new book, “I'm Over All That”, Shirley MacLaine told Oprah Winfrey that she had an open relationship with her husband. in the old days. Shirley MacLaine's revelation about her former sex life (mentioning that she once ' had' three men in a day) was big news. It is not the first time that a transit of Pholus is reflecting public discussions about a person's sex life.

There have been more examples of transit Pholus with Sun related to sex in the charts of men and it is good to see that Pholus doesn't make a difference. Men and women are equal:) See her chart with more transits and progressions above.

In the natal chart she has Mars rising before the Sun, between Sun and Uranus. Mars is on the midpoint Sun/Uranus. This position in a woman's chart doesn't make it easy for her to stick to one person. Another explanation of the Sun,Mars and Uranus combination could be 'upheaval about her sex life'.

Sun/Mars/Uranus is an explosive combination, reflecting impulse and energy. An explosive nature and sudden speed or a short fuse characterize the lives of people with Sun/Mars/Uranus combinations. There is much more on Astromarkt! Use this link...

Watch this post... where you can read that Mars is the symbol of fire....and of men in the charts of women*) 

More about Pholus on Astromarkt or use the labels.

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*) Think of Kate Middleton with P Sun trine Mars now that she is officially sharing her life with a man).
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