Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hugh Hefner's birthday

Today it is the 85th birthday of a man who hasn't found his true love yet: Hugh Hefner, the eternal playboy. I wrote about him on Astrology&Love in May 2009. That was before I used Pholus in the chart and now I notice that Pholus is exactly opposition his Midheaven, which seems to me a perfect position for a man whose position in society changed that much (other example: Susan Boyle with Pholus on Midheaven). I also like the astrological statement of Mars and Jupiter in the 5th house of games, entertainment and the opposite sex. It says: successful (Jupiter) play (5th house) boy  (Mars). The combination with Pluto contributes to the amount of success, but also shows the disproportional and unbalancing use and abuse of power, potential and money. Quoting my earlier post on Astrology&Love:

"With the prominent Venus,Mars, Mercury and Uranus we have the prophile of a person with a prominent passion (Venus and Mars) for controversial (Uranus) communications (Mercury) or for shocking messages about sexuality (Venus and Mars)."

Now we get at a minor aspect, the tightest aspect in his chart: Mars inconjunct Pluto. A misbalanced (inconjunct) use (Mars) or abuse (Mars) of Pluto-matters like money, power, influence, politics, and potency or sexuality.


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