Friday, April 8, 2011

Fire signs and the Extreme chart: Henri Landru

There are 5 positions in Aries now (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus) and that is a lot of drive and energy in the charts for new born babies. Aries is the first fire sign. Together with it's ruler Mars Aries is the symbol of action, speed and fuel. It is a very ' macho' sign, related to those kinds of activities that we see as 'of men' or that requires 'muscles working', like being a soldier, working with machinery or steal/iron, sports, running, activism, fighting, industry, etc.
With the Moon in Aries, too, (like a few days ago) it makes 6 and that is the amount of planets and lights in Aries in the chart of serial killer Henri Landru, born on April 12, 1869. Henri Landru had 8 positions in fire signs, in total. He had a rather extreme chart. Some highlights:

- With Jupiter/Neptune = Sun he was very convincing and a successfull fraud
- Mars square Pluto and trine Saturn resonated the issue of unnatural death (he killed and died an unnatural death)
- He was caught because he had the habit of writing down what he did. He just couldn't stop communicating about it...he had Mercury 'calling' (without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degresse) and he had no positions in air signs. That is a double pointing finger at communications and reason (or not being reasonable sometimes:).

For more about the chart of Landru, see Astropost: Extreme chart: Henri Landru. I like to mention that there is a lot of fire, Mars and Aries in his history ( see Astrodatabank here.), besides the murders. Quote:

Landru was the son of a fireman at the ironworks.....On 11/15/1890, he served in the army....He stated that he had had sexual relations with 283 women...

Also see Astromarkt about missing positions in elements and lack of aspects in ' Conspicuous by absence'.

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