Friday, April 29, 2011

The bride today: Kate Middleton

Yesterday I wrote about Sun/Moon and Mars-combinations and the Sun/Moon-Mars synastry between couples. Mars is often the symbol of the man in your life. I met my husband with Midheaven conjunct the midpoint Sun/Mars, for example. 

Today, April 29, 2011 Prince William marries Kate Middleton and see: there is a Mars-Sun connection. Her progressed Sun is trine progressed Mars and her Progressed Mars is also square the natal Sun. 
There is more (there always is:): Transit Jupiter is semi square natal Venus for having a party (Venus+Jupiter=more fun). And transit Pluto sextile natal Jupiter mirrors the rise in status.  The complete astrological picture is that of a woman who could now share her life (sun) with that of a man (Mars) and have great success. And there is a celebration now, too. 

For more about the charts of the wedding and the match, see Astromarkt. For more posts about the subjects of this post, see the labels. And meanwhile: enjoy the event!

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