Friday, April 15, 2011

Ante Gotovina's Sun-Pluto

Ante Gotovina was sentenced today: 24 years in prison. See Astropost: ASTROLOGY CHART OF DOUGLAS MACARTHUR and the secret mistake in Korea:

"2. Croatia: Ante Gotovina.
He was arrested for war crimes December 8, 2005 and born October 12, 1955. During the war he had Progressed Sun square Pluto. At the time of his arrest he has Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Sun. And in his birth chart you see Sun septile Pluto. A sort of a vicious circle."

Pluto is the symbol of strategy, politics, power, influence, force and authority or authorities. With Sun - Pluto you are likely in a period of stress, challenges and danger. You will have enemies and perhaps you are (or your body is) your own enemy. For more about Sun-Pluto aspect see here:

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