Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chart of Pope John Paul II

The beatification of late Pope John Paul II toay, is a good reason for a look a his chart. Does his chart compare with those of other popes? And are there transits and progressions of importance right now? The answer is two times yes. But there are less indications for papacy than usual. However, the most important one is there: Jupiter-Neptune, high up in the chart and apex of a Golden Yod.

Jupiter-Neptune is the religious component in the chart, reflecting the devoted audience (see Astromarkt about Jupiter-Neptune). Both are elevated and MC/Jupiter=Neptune. There is also a connection between Jupiter and Neptune trough the Sun and Mars. Sun is biquintile Mars, quintile Jupiter and quintile Neptune. Mars is quintile Jupiter, too. In fact, there is a 'Golden Yod' and Jupiter/Neptune is the elevated apex.

ASTRO ID (special marks of the chart)

1. Sun is 'calling' (no major aspects within sign) and that is for drawing attention/performing/being a leader.

2. Mars is 'calling' (no major aspects) and angular, in the 12th house. When Mars is calling there is energy at any possible level.

3. Uranus is the planet rising before the Sun and inner planets. Such a placements is frequent in the charts of those who get rather old. He died at age 84 and was one of the longest serving popes because he started rather young, at age 58, when transit Jupiter was on his Midheaven and sextile progressed Midheaven. See

Sun, Mars and Uranus: that is the Astro ID of an impatient man who wants to make swift changes, a revolutionary pope. We all know that he was of great influence in ending the communist regime in Poland. He started with a clandestine study to become priest.

Here is the natal chart with progressions and transits for today. 

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