Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Berlusconi, transits, progression and the trial

Today Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) was on the side of Silvio Berlusconi again. Transit Jupiter was opposition Progressed Mars. And surprise: progressed Midheaven is exactly trine his Uranus today...(Uranus is the symbol of happy news and surprises).  Uranus is in the natal 8th house of challenges and sex and happens to have been opposition the Ascendant for the last time last April. 

So, they set a new date for the trial: May 31. And what kind of a day is that?

1.Progressed AC/MC = Progressed Mars and semi square natal Mars
2. Progressed Moon is quindecile natal Chiron
3. Transit Uranus is square Progressed Mercury, resonating the Mercury inconjunct Uranus aspect in the natal chart
4. Transit Jupiter in the 30th degree of Aries is sesquisquare the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint

It doesn't sound to bad to me. He will say the wrong thing (again), and he might be hurt or angry, but will this man end behind bars? He has been on trial more frequent than they say that he has 'been with' Ruby. And he survived it all. So why not on May 31 and the next days of the trial (if there will be any)? I can only think of transit Chiron inconjunct the natal Sun (it will certainly not be a healthy experience) and of the effect of....

 transit Pholus conjunct his Progressed Sun/Moon 

later. That combination (Sun/Moon and Pholus) will mark a turning point in his future development or family life when he looks back at it later. That will be on or around July 2, 2011. Perhaps that is more about his marriage, anyway. 

What do you think? Will he win this trial again?

More about Nessus and Ruby (the girl involved)

More about the marriage of Berlusconi
Does that mean that they have to stay married till ever after, even though they don't match? Perhaps, because they are Roman Catholics. They may not live in one house (and that is very possible with conflicting Moons), but they won't easily get divorced. Besides: on cusp 7 (the house of marriage) Berlusconi has Taurus (and that is one of the signs involved in the pattern of long lasting relationships, see that post).

On Berlusconi winning (and Pholus)

Reading his chart....
Just start with asking yourself what is extraordinary in the chart. The anwer is: the positions of the calling Uranus and Pluto, the combination of dramatic changes like arrests and revolutions and the combination of being 'extreme' and very controversial. 

About Mercury inconjunct Uranus in the chart of Berlusconi
How to say the wrong thing with Mercury-Uranus...

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