Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First shot Civil War (Mars-Eris, Neptune Pisces)

The very first shot in the American Civil War was fired at 4:30 a.m. on April 12, 1861, aimed at Fort Sumter by the Confederates. The war that followed cost the lives of about 600.000 Americans. That was 150 years ago today. This is the chart of that moment with Neptune changing sign to Aries and the Sun semi square Mars and Eris.

It has Neptune, in the very last minutes of Pisces, about to enter Aries, at Zero Aries. Chiron had recently entered Pisces. This important Neptune is rising before the Sun and Venus and on the Ascendant. Another important place is for Ceres (the roots, the genes) opposition Midheaven. In an earlier post about Pearl Harbor I pointed at Mars and Eris. In the chart of the first fire in the Civil War, Mars is square Eris, with the Sun semisquare Mars and Eris. 

The combination of Mars and Eris means war (aggression/fire with the symbol of discord). See the post about Mars and Eris and the post about Pearl Harbor.
A recent violent suicide act occured with the killer's progressed Mars square Eris and transit Mars exactly square Mars. This person was dressed like a soldier. 

Mars is conjunct Eris end of April/starting May this year and of course: there is more than one aspect between Mars and Eris every year. Like with all aspects and signs, it depends on the rest of the chart, circumstances, situations, genes and culture in what way Mars will join Eris now. 

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