Sunday, April 3, 2011

NATO's birthday today

Today (April 4, 2011*) Nato is 62 years old. Celebration time? The Solar Return Sun is conjunct Jupiter, and opposition Saturn and that is a sort of an astrological ' up and down'. The alliance is involved in Libya and some members don't agree...This is the chart with transits and progressions.
The chart of NATO is perfect for a military organisation because of the prominence of Mars, the tight trine of Sun and Pluto (authority, will to win).

- Mars is rising before the Sun and Venus. Mars is the planet of the military.

- Sun in Aries, ruled by Mars with Moon in Gemini (=commucating about arms)

- Sun trine Pluto is the tightest aspect: there is a will to be strong and the nature is 'defense' and ...politics

- Sun opposition Neptune and trine Pluto... Secrecy and discretion are part of the deal. It's the combination of the silent (or secret) force....See

- Jupiter inconjunct Saturn shows that there is a somewhat disproportionate hierarchy and that there may be restrictions when it comes to 'growing'

And that is after all what we know about NATO. There is more in the chart of the first day of NATO, for example the Jupiter-Pholus conjunction (retrospective success; no war for a long time now:). Transit Neptune now opposition natal Saturn resonates the heavy disappointment about the missing consensus about Libya.

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