Thursday, April 14, 2011

Raymond Domenech: no agreement

Domenech- by Safia Otokore (Wiki Commons)
Raymond Domenech didn't come to an agreement with the French Football Federation today. Raymond Domenech is a French coach. He was fired after the bad results of the World Championships. He has been on this blog before, because they say that he bases his teams on astrology (...oh my...with what results) and I found that 'they' mean that he composes his teams by using sunsigns and in a particular way (no Scorpio for him, for example). In the first post about him I wrote:

"Raymond Domenech, the coach of France in the EC Football 2008 was born January 24 1952 in Lyon and he is an astrologer, too. It seems he uses astrology in his work. Now that he lost, this fact is used in the media to put him down even more and to laugh about astrologers, of course. 
I don't know how much he knows about astrology. What he knows is, that he is an Aquarius and that is why he avoids Scorpios and Leos in his team. Not the finest choice, since in the Dutch team (that defeated his) Marco van Basten is a Scorpio and so is the keeper (Van der Sar)."

Let us see what kind of transits and progressions accompany the event. Astrotheme provided an hour of birth (21.00 hours) and this is the chart with a mix of nice and difficult aspects. They show that with the Moon is in aspect with Venus there is a need to agree but there is no need to come to an agreement:). Should transit Saturn inconjunct the Descendant be stronger? Here is the chart:

Next chance is January 13, 2012, with Saturn on his Ascendant. Sigh...So maybe try to make a deal before?


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