Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oprah, Obama and Neptune

End of April, President Barack Obama will be on Oprah's couch again. There are many speculations about the involvement or influence of Oprah on Obama running for the Presidency. Speculations and gossip are part of the Neptunic vocabulary. So it is interesting to see that Oprah's natal Sun and Venus are exactly square the Neptune of Barack Obama. And Barack Obama's progressed Sun is inconjunct transit Neptune...resonating his natal Sun-Neptune square. Neptune is the symbol of idols and of the media. Two idols come together when Obama meets Oprah on television. And of course, Neptune is with them:).

It seems that such an aspect points at being charmed and disappointment later. I wonder in what way Oprah is disappointed in her political hero (or if Neptune is still standing!:) 
I know that Obama has Sun square Neptune in his natal chart and that he is being confused with the myth that has been created in the media. Not long ago he had transit Neptune opposition natal Sun and inconjunct Progressed Sun: the combination of the 'fallen angel' and disappointments for himself. Could the media circus lift him back to the clouds again? It is with transit Neptune inconjunct the Progressed Sun of the President, again. (In Oprah's Progressed chart the Sun is square Moon.  The best interpretation of Sun inconjunct Neptune is that you get rid of some wrong ideas about you.

There is a lot of Sun-Neptune info on this blog and on Astromarkt (see links) that is clear (sic...) about one thing: when Neptune is in aspect with the Sun, it means confusion and unclarity. Part of the given examples were about double lives, others about mistaken identity or being an idol/fallen angel. For some reason it is easy for Sun-Neptune to live a fantasy or live in an unreal world. Movie stars are the sort of idols and heroes related to Sun-Neptune.  Some Presidents and PM's are idols and worshipped by millions and they have a Sun-Neptune aspect, too. German Mrs. Merkel has Sun square Neptune, just like Obama. And she is in charge since November 22, 2005. Mr. Obama was the first ' black' President in the USA. Angela Merkel was the first female Chancellor of Germany. That is why both are role models, like it or not. 

Even more difficult is the Venus-Neptune adoration aspect. It is a very romantic dream, even if it is not in a love relation. When Venus meets Neptune there is a lot of confusion about desires and wishes and the hero who is supposed to realize it all...Here is Obama's chart with the transits of the day of birth of Oprah.

In Obama's chart it doesn't stop raining transits of Neptune inconjunct the progressed Sun in 2012. Neptune is strong in the last and first degrees of a sign, too...However, there is also progressed Sun trine Jupiter, in just a few months time. And that might be just too soon for election time. Best for him is to celebrate his 2012 birthday in Washington DC. That is the best astrological place to be on August 4, 2012. You see, the Solar return chart for that location has Jupiter firmly on top of the chart! And that means Success!


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