Friday, November 30, 2007


Stuntman Evil Knievel has died with transit Saturn semi square Sun, transit Mars square progressed Saturn and Neptune in a semi square with his progressed Sun an Moon. Over three heavy aspects...

Evil Knievel was born 17th October 1938 at 21h40 in Butte (Montana), with Mars ahead of the Sun. As Mars is the planet of action and energy, this seems to be fitting this stuntman, but...notice the narrow trine between the prominent Moon and Saturn. Without that aspect that points at a need for certainty and security, Evil Knievel would never have become as old as he was.

Given the elevated Venus Knievel was above all an artist, earning a lot of money (Venus trines Pluto...)


A video of Ingrid Betancourt shows her alive but not too well as a prisoner of the Colombian Farc. Neptune is now semi square her natal Sun (indicating the media and for her situation) and transit Uranus is semi square Saturn with Pluto sesquisquare her Ascendant. This symbolises stress. There are little signs of hope, like Transit Jupiter conjunct Venus and trine het Moon, on the Ascendant. The progressed Moon trines Venus. Those use to be prosperous aspects indicating love, support and hapiness in the family. In her chart Jupiter rules the eight house. It might be the reason why even the Progressed aspect Sun conjunct Jupiter did not improve her situation. But it also might be, that for people in prison and/or those who cannot act as an individual in freedom (like many women all over the world), the progressions and transits should be interpreted with an addition: 'considering the circumstances'...

This is what I wrote on 16th August 2006 about INGRID BETANCOURT:
" Planet Internet ( has an item about the Colombian candidate for presidency who was kidnapped over four years ago: Ingrid Bétancourt. She is born 25th December 1961 in Bogotá at 14h15 (according to

What is in her natal chart?
She is realistic, earthbound, ambitious and aware of status with Saturn peregrine and strong in own sign of Capricorn. She also has the combination of Sun Capricorn and Moon Leo. She is a warrior (Mars is oriental). She mentioned once that her children are proud that she is doing this, this fight against drug criminals.

Mars, Saturn and Uranus combinations : liberty robbed!
There is a triple midpoint combination of Mars, Saturn and Uranus. And Mars in Capricorn is trining Uranus. Being robbed of your freedom and liberty is one of the interpretations Ebertin gives (in Combination of Stellar Influences) and it seems to me that it fits! You could also see this combination as: disadvantages of a radical way of doing things.

Radical living
Ingrid Bétancourt did not choose an easy family life with children and a dear husband. She was a member of parliament and a candidate for presidency in Colombia. The fact that this had a negative influence on her private life is seen in the aspects of the Moon square Neptune and opposed to the MC. Her vocational routing is through Aquarius (making the world a better place). Uranus. Mercury. Saturn*. What has politics got to do with this? Pluto trines Mercury. The combination Mercury, Saturn, Pluto is often seen with politicians (strategic minds, like the USA presidents).
There is a stellium in this chart of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in the eight house of crises, life and death. And in her fourth equal house Moon is there with Uranus and Pluto, the radicals. She was born in Columbia, emigrated (to Paris) and came back. Uranus and Pluto in 9 or 4 indicate radical changes and often come backs.

Nobody knows how she is now: Neptune!
Neptune on the descendant for disappearance, idealism, ideology and …drugs. All Neptune related items are prominent in this chart, due to others (descendant!).

Kidnapping: the progressed chart
At the time of her disappearance, 22nd February 2002, transit Pluto squared progressed MC and transit Jupiter ruler 8 was inconjunct the natal Midheaven. This happened right after a transit of Neptune across Saturn and MC and just before Neptune was to join Jupiter.
Meanwhile the progressed Sun is getting closer to a crucial conjunction with progressed Jupiter. Normally this is a prosperous aspect. But in this chart Jupiter rules the 8th house of life and death. That is why in this case the Sun conjunct Jupiter progressive aspect (perfecting in November 2006) might even mean the announcement of her death. Jupiter is the planet for publications and up to now it were problems that made her a world wide celebrity.

In the drawing above it says that Jupiter is for the international, Mars oriental indicates her activity, Saturn near the MC and unaspected is showing her ambition to be a member of the government and Neptune is there for idealism and - in this case- for being victimised.


Dutch top model Doutzen Kroes broke up with top skater Sven Kramer last week. She said she misses time to have any relationship at all. In her progressed chart we see the Sun square to Saturn. Saturn is the symbol of time and duties. And of being alone...

More about Doutzen

Sven Kramer's birth chart (23rd April 1986) is reflecting the event of breaking up. Transit Saturn square Saturn and inconjunct Mercury shows disadvantages or being down (Saturn afflicting) of/about a good-bye (Mercury-Saturn).

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Had an overdosis of drugs not ended the life of Jimi Hendrix, he would have become 65 today. Look at the chart and notice Neptune on top, related to Aries Point. This prominent Neptune is very telling for the life and death of the great guitar player. Neptune is the planet of drugs, music, artists and romance.

Monday, November 26, 2007


John Terry (a Sagittarius born 7 december 1980 London) is one of the football players involved in an orgie of alcohol and sex in the period between two important qualification games of the national team of England. They did not make it and won't be playing in the European Championship 2008. And now it is known that Terry was dancing on the floor with an erotic dancer. That was when he was supposed to take a rest due to an injury.

In the prognosis for Sagittarius 2008 in the Dutch version I wrote:
"4. Born between 7 an 17 December? Uranus will square your sun in 2008. Anything might be expected all of the sudden. Uranus is for sensation and tension...".
Squares coming from Uranus often bring your name in the papers. And John Terry has transit Uranus square the Sun right now...And is not Uranus for astrologers, too?:)

Sunday, November 25, 2007


A message for sundays:

In 'The Blair Years' Tony Blair says that faith was important for the way he acted, but that he was afraid to show this to the outside world.

Given this fact it is interesting to see that Jupiter is in the twelfth house. Jupiter is connected with the conjunction of the retrograding Saturn and Neptune by biquintile (being creative with the limitations of faith). Wit the prominent Moon rising before the Sun in the ninth house of international contacts, travelling, development and convictions, Tony Blair just needs to believe. This Moon is making a midpoint yod with Jupiter/Neptune.

A midpoint yod points at an important spot in the birth chart. The distance from that point (the apex) to one of the other points of the combination is as large as the distance is to the next point. In the case of the natal chart of Tony Blair we see that these points (Jupiter and Neptune) form a biquintile, too. That makes a very strong combination

It is pleasant for the astrologer that the prominent Moon also symbolises females. His wife is a roman catholic and there is a long lasting rumour going around that Tony Blair plans to become roman catholic as well.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


They arrested Joran van der Sloot and two of his friends again, because there is new evidence in the case of the vanished Natalee Holloway. This happens to him with an appropiate transit of Uranus (freedom) square Saturn (limitations) and a transit of Pluto sesqui square the Sun.

I wrote about cases of missing people and also about this case in an article in Dutch, 'Vermist'. For your convenience I translate the highlights.

"He is born 6th August 1987 in Willemstad. She is born 21st October 1986 in Birmingham USA. He should be the last person who saw her alive and is suspected to be involved in her disappearance.

The fate of Van der Sloot and the missing American girl is connected and so are their charts. They share - apart from the fact that her Mars squares his Pluto and his Mars squares her Venus-:
- Sun conjunct Mars (his) and Sun square Mars (hers)
- Sun square Pluto (his) and Sun conjunct Pluto (hers)
- Both have Mercury conjunct Venus
- He has Jupiter sesqui square Saturn, she has Jupiter square Saturn"

On the day that she vanished, Natalee had transit Mars semi square Mars and sesqui square Pluto for a violent day. This is activating the existing square between Mars and Pluto in her birth chart. Joran had Pluto conjunct Uranus (a revolutionary change) and sesqui square Venus together with Mars sesqui square Pluto...The same combination as in her chart and the same planets involved that connect their charts: Mars-Pluto.


The former president of France, Jacques Chirac, experiences heavy times. Chirac, born in Paris 29th November 1932 around noon, is suspected of fraude and malversations (such as placing party members on the salary list thought they were not really working) in the period of time that he was mayor of Paris. Now that he is no longer a president he can be prosecuted and that is done with the following difficult transits (all at this time!):

Saturn square Sun
Saturn conjunct Mars
Saturn semi square Pluto
Uranus semi square Saturn (in 12!)
Mars inconjunct Midheaven
Pluto conjunct Moon
Jupiter inconjunct Pluto
And in addition there is a transit coming from Neptune, conjunct the Ascendant.

Jacques Chirac will celebrate his birthday soon. His solar return chart has Neptune on top, but also Jupiter on the descendant, pointing at support. That is only one little point of light in the darkness. The transits indicate a situation of disadvantages and of being suspected, going together with intense emotions.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Piers Corbyn predicted a superstorm that would break the dikes in Holland and Southern England and cause severe damage: a disaster. This prediction seems to have been a disaster itself! Corbyn, who has a transit of Neptune square the progressed Sun, is a controversial person in 'weather land'. And that is visible on the day he was born (10th March 1947): Sun square Uranus.

For Corbyn's site (based on solar activity) click here.
For finding wind and weather: see Winderfinder

Sunday, November 18, 2007


On you find the prognosis for temperatures, rain and wind for every place on earth, one week ahead. I see, I see what you can see too: they do NOT expect a giant storm on 24th November (and that is what Piers Corbyn says is 90% certain...)

I am afraid that astrology cannot offer the answer to the question. Aspects and signs are extraterrestial. They are the same for all over the world. Bangladesh was struck by a tycoon this week. Here we had cold and calm weather. Still there were the same positions. Charts offer a view in a character and in capacities, not in conditions (social, geographic or cultural).

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Heather Mills says Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul, is not generous. That MIGHT be possible, with a Moon in Cancer:). Stella on the other hand reports that she never even liked Heather Mills. That is also possible. The Mercury of Stella is opposing the Mars of Heather, a sort of a garanty for discussions. And the Uranus of Heather is conjunct the Pluto of Stella: this can be very tense! Watch the drawing with the positions on the day of birth of Stella, with those of Heather wrapped around the circle.

More about the divorce of Paul and Heather, click on the link.

Heather Mills: 12th January 1968 in Aldershot.
Stella McCartney: born September 13, 1971.

Friday, November 16, 2007


John Rishton is the new CEO of the Ahold concern. Before he was the chief financial manager of Ahold.

On the day that John Rishton was born, 21 February 1958, there was a lot of self confidence in the air:) Sun opposed to Pluto and trined Jupiter. Jupiter wsa sextile Pluto. And the midpoint combination Jupiter/Pluto opposed to >Zero Aries. Notice how Venus is square Jupiter and inconjunct Pluto. That combination tells us there is a lot of financial growth (but with a discrepancy somehow) or that he will succeed (Jupiter) in financials. The most narrow aspect that will be made in the birth chart of John Rishton is that of Mercury sextile Saturn, a garanty for being strict with figures.

On FEM Business it is said that Rishton has a strong will (Sun opposed to Pluto...) and knows how to act and deal with things. He has the Moon in the do-sign Aries and Mars is very prominent. Mars, the planet of action, is oriental (rising before the Sun), not aspected (I say: calling!) and in a creative quintile with Jupiter. That is a key for creative and right decissions!

At the moment Rishton has transit Jupiter trine the progressed Sun (for progress in life) together with transit Saturn sesqui square the progressed Sun (for frustrating responsibilities). In the solar return chart for 2008 Rishton has Sun square Jupiter. Should the growth and prosperity of Rishton also be growing results for Ahold? Time will tell...


Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model, born January 23 1985 in Oostmeer. Victoria's Secret contracted her for the next four years. Let us have a look for an answer to the question why she is so beautiful and famous...

Notice that she has Venus and Mars (and probably also the Moon) in the sign of the photo, movie and media: Pisces. The planet of beauty and charm is Venus. Venus is making a hard aspect with Uranus (a square). This aspect is also seen in the charts of the most beautiful people in the world. Brad Pitt has it, so has Angelina Jolie. And so have many singers, b.t.w.

Jupiter rising before the Sun and Mercury calling (unaspected) add prominence to these planets of travelling. The combination of Mercury and Jupiter prominent is an indication for succes. Besides all that, Doutzen has Sun square Pluto for a strong will. And the strange thing is that (just like when she was contracted by l'Oreal) there is a hard aspect between Mars and Saturn. It might be, that Doutzen Kroes has to work hard, too...


Yahoo, in person: the manager for China Jerry Chih-Yuan Yang, has been criticised by the American Congres for being "at best inexcusably negligent" and at worst "deceptive" in the case of giving the names of a Chinese dissident to the Chinese government. Shi Tao is the victim of that act and now in prison for 10 years. Yahoo promised to do it better next time and settled with Shi Tao, probably he got a sum of money to look forward to. In their charts you see the lines for disadvantages of politics and gain (Saturn-Pluto) and in the progressions you see how unfortunate the interaction between Shi Tao and the company of Chih-Yuan was. It happened when Saturn-Uranus (limited freedom) became a theme in the progressed chart of the manager. And it already was a theme in the birth chart of Shi Tao...

The birth chart of Chih-Yuan Yang is dated November 6, 1968. Watch the indications for a succesful manager! Notice Mars conjunct Jupiter, both semi square the 'calling' Sun. Mercury is the oriental planet in this case. Mercury is prominent, because Mercury is 'calling', just like the Sun. Mercury is the planet of communications. Now we have the combination of a leading figure and communications. And that fits. The importance of making more money is visualised in the square of Venus in Sagittarius with Pluto.
On the day Shi Tao was arrested there were several difficult aspects and transits in the chart of the manager of Yahoo China. The most important for this case is the transit of Uranus, making hard aspects with the progressed Saturn and Uranus. Saturn-Uranus is the combination for limited freedom. Saturn and Uranus made a semi square aspect in the progressed chart of Jerry!

In the birth chart of Shi Tao (25th July 1968) Saturn is inconjunct Uranus within one degree of orb. When he was arrested (24th November 2004) Uranus was inconjunct the natal Sun and sesquisquare Mercury.

The picture above shows the positison of Chih-Yuan Yang with those of Shi Tao wrapped around them. Interaction between the charts is done by Pluto and Saturn. Tao's Pluto is inconjunct Jerry's Saturn. Jerry's Pluto is inconjunct Shi Tao's Saturn. This indication for hard confrontations and heavy difficulties showed the disadvantages (Saturn) of all that Pluto 'stands for': politics, power, money, influence and authority.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Darlene Conley was Sally Spectra in The Bold and the Beautiful. This week is was announced that on the 12 th January 2008 there will be a benficial gala in memory of Darlene, organised by stars of the soap serie. It will be one year after the day she died, then. On that day transit Neptune opposed the progressed Mars. And both planets are prominent in her birth chart. The circle is round...

Darlene was born 18th July 1934 in Chicago (source Wikipedia*). Pluto is oriental, conjunct the Sun; Mars in the sign of the stomach, Cancer, square Zero Aries and important because there are no placements in fire signs. At first sight you would notice a strong personality only. But then you may notice that Neptune is 'calling' and Neptune is for acting, a.o. The Moon in Libra represents the need for 'Beautiful' and the prominent Pluto refers to 'Bold':)

*) Astrothème says she was born in 1942, but all over the net it is said that Darlene died age 72 and that the cause of death was stomach cancer. There is no hour of birth available.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Ira Levin wrotes the kind of books that intriged the public. Before my 25th I used to name Ira Levin when they asked me who my favorite writer was...A kiss before dying was the first book I read of him. I remember the main character of This Perfect Day (Chip, from 'Chip of the old block') and I read the scary 'Rosemary's baby' when I was pregnant...

As the HOB is unknown some of the astrological information is missing, such as the correct sign of the Moon, the M.C., the Ascendant and the crucial placements in the chart. What is known is this:

In the birth chart of Ira Levin Neptune was rising before the Sun. He was an artist. With Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto 'calling'(without major aspects in sign) you can see why he suddenly became famous and how his successes were based upon tension and suspense.

Ira Levin was born August 27 1929 (time unknown) in Manhattan and he died November 12, 2007.


On the 26th of October, after more than 2 years of prison for having oral sex with a girl friend, Genarlow Wilson is free man again. This happened with Transit Jupiter trine his Sun and with harmonic transits of both Uranus and Saturn with Mars.

For more info and the birth chart of Genarlow Wilson, see the message dated October 21.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


On the 14th of November it is Prince Charles's birthday!

The Astro I.D. of Prince Charles is marked by the Moon on top and by Venus in a crucial spot on the IC. Moon is for mother, Venus for love. Notice Neptune prominent (oriental and conjunct IC) for the romantic idealist. Watch Uranus square Zero Aries. If you would not know this was the chart of the prince of England you would attribute an artist'soul to him, besides the exciting (Uranus) love affairs (Moon-Venus-Neptune).

For more about the birth chart of Charles, click HERE

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Dutch newspaper Trouw reports on the 8th of November that Saint Padre Pio (born May 25 1887 at 16h10 in Pietrecina) cheated his audience. He applied the stigmata himself. Also it has become known that Pope John the 23rd was not conviced that Pio sticked to the celibate status of a roman catholic priest. Let us have a look at the chart of a roman catholic priest who still has many believers and followers who worship him.

The birth chart of Padre Pio shows us a man with a lot of self confidence and a strong ability to convince others. Jupiter is 'calling' (not making major aspects in sign). Pluto is rising before the Sun. The prominence of Jupiter and Pluto, making a creative quintile between them, applies to a succesful man.

In religious charts ('fake' or not) there are always combination of Jupiter and Neptune (conviction + immaterial). The closest aspect in the chart of Father Pio is that of Jupiter inconjunct Neptune. Sun, Saturn and Pluto all three make a hard aspect - in the 22.5 degree serie- with the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune.

Even after death, when your reputation is being discussed, transits and progressions stay alive. Now that there are doubts about Saint Pio because of the statements of drugstore owners at the time who delivered material that could be used to produce stigmata, we see transit Pluto inconjunct the natal Mars-Neptune of Pio. The progressed Sun is beginning to change sign and next year (right after the square from Jupiter) this Sun will receive a square from Pluto. Is not the circle round? Important moments in time are often marked by come-backs of astrological aspects in/with the natal chart. BTW: in Pio's solar return chart for 2007 Saturn sits on the midheaven.

Relevant: comparisson of the charts of popes and an article about a group of trappist martyrs in Algeria.


This is the true chart:

This is the chart that was mentioned, too:

and that I read first...

The king of Spain, Juan Carlos (05011938 092000 GMT Rome, source Astrolab)
told the president of Venezuela yesterday to shut op. Hugo Chávez kept calling the former president of Spain, Aznar (born 25th February 1953, 7 a.m., Madrid, source Astrothème) a facist. The king however has his Jupiter sextile the MC of Aznar and Aznar's Jupiter trines the royal Sun. That is an indication for mutual support.

The charts of Chávez and Juan Carlos have a perfect interaction of Mars and Uranus (for the 'explosive' situation). Chávez has Uranus rising before the Sun. Juan Carlos has a prominent Mars on the Ascendant*) (and no placements in firesigns. They share an aspect between Mars and Uranus. And Mars of Chávez is sesquisquare the Uranus of the king. That is what creates a 'riot'.

In his birth chart Juan Carlos has these prominent positions:
- Saturnus prominent on Zero Aries, so that he is known for being the heir and/or for being reserverd and respected.
- Saturn trines Pluto (perfect): a harmonic relationship between concentration and focus, being a 'die hard' (also for yourself) and having control.
- The element fire missing: this can suddenly 'light up'fire.
- Mars prominent on the Ascendant: a man of action if needed.
- Moon in Aquarius calling; involvement and emotions at any level (mostly behind the scenes or screens).

This 'astrological I.D.' once made him stop a revolution before it really started. Juan Carlos mostly has everything under control, but...not all the time:)
Yesterday Transit Saturn opposed the Ascendant (conjunct Descendant): someone caused disadvantage. Pluto opposed Chiron (a hurtfull challenge). Progressed Mars sesqui square MC made the will to act in public rather strong. Primairy Sun was squared by Mars and that lighted the fire. And...the Pluto of Chavez was sitting on the progressed IC of Juan Carlos: a challenge again.

Read more about meetings seen in an astrological light

La Vanguardia says: "
El príncipe nació a las 13.15 horas, según consta en el registro civil de Roma; una hora más tarde según la mencionada autobiografía transcrita por Javier González de Vega, en la que la madre dice que su hijo era "feo, feo, ¡como un dolor!". "Tenía los ojos saltones. ¡Era horrible! Menos mal que en seguida se arregló". "
In other words: that he was born at 13h15 according to the official registration in Rome and 14h15 according to his autobiografy. Besides, that his mother cried that he was so ugly that he should be taken away at once.

The 13h15 chart is above on top! Notice that the patern changes (or not) as follows:
- the Moon is still calling (not making Ptolemeic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees);
- that Jupiter and Pluto are crucial now (and that is a statement of succes);
- Mercury is oriental for the messenger;
- Neptune moves from the 7th to the 5th house and remains 'calling' for idealism and religion or any level;
- Saturn trine Pluto (a harmonic relationship between concentration and focus, being a 'die hard' (also for yourself) and having control) remains the most tight combination
- the element fire is still missing

The unaspected Moon and Neptune might point at feelings of empathy and commitment at any possible level (up and down) and could also refer to the affairs that he had (Neptune in the 5th). Important is the placement of Pluto conjunct the IC, in connection to the way he was welcomed by his mother, the fact that he grew up in the house of the dictator Franco and the influence of politics on his position. And perhaps we might see the Ascendant in Taurus as an explanation for the fact that he loves watching bull fighting? Recently there was upheavel about the fact that he catched the hat of the matador in an arena...

*)Only true for this questious birht time!

Also on this blog: Queen Sofia's chart

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Benazir Bhutto was born on June 21, 1953 and looks still young. Maybe that is because her Ascendant is in Gemini, but I cannot be sure without her hour of birth. In the birth chart of Bhutto there is a Sun in Gemini and Jupiter is rising before the Sun, also in Gemini. Moon is in the estetic sign of Libra and Venus is strong in Taurus, semi square Zero Aries and sextile (wide) Uranus. That is what we see on tele, a representative and young looking female.

There are two good reasons for her prominence.
1. The Sun is square Zero Aries on her birth day. The Sun does not make major aspects in sign. That makes her a leader!
2. Jupiter does not make major aspects either and rises before the Sun. That makes Jupiter the most prominent planet in her chart (being oriental and 'calling'). Jupiter is the planet of the international. In a way she was forced to be an international by being banned.
Jupiter is quintile Pluto and semi square to the midpoint Sun/Pluto. Jupiter is also semi square Mercury. This combination points at the talent of speaching. Another indication for the role of communicating is the amount of placements in air signs (50%). Mercury however is heavily afflicted by Saturn and Neptune. Such a Mercury was seen before this week in the chart of the genious child who was tought at home. So was Bhutto and that is limiting the contacts in her youth. Limited communications are also there because of house arrests and the fact that she is deaf on one ear. Still, she is self confident and that is the positive effect of the combination of the prominent Sun and Jupiter!

Bhutto is leading the opposition in Pakistan. She has a lot of followers now and that success is being translated astrologically by the transit of Jupiter trine her Pluto and by the quintile that the progressed Sun makes with Jupiter, on her way to Pluto. There is a combination for successes made by the Progressed Sun conjunct Pluto and both quintile Jupiter. As Pluto is the planet of the (prize and value of) sex, money, power, influence and politics...this will not be without danger.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Is it Sun Arc Neptune inconjunct the Sun? Is it transit Neptune sesqui square Mercury, Saturn and Pluto? Is it Saturn square Neptune? Whatever it is, it is Neptune! Neptune is bothering Rasmussen. That is why nobody believes what he says. That is why he is being contradicted in the media. Neptune is the planet of scandalls, les, cheating, media and fantasy...And on the birth day of Rasmussen the Sun opposed to Neptune and squared Jupiter. He has the same hard aspect between Sun and Jupiter as Marion Jones and Floyd Landis have.

Biker Michael Rasmussen has difficulties in being believed and trusted this year. First transit Jupiter opposed to his Sun. And now there is that Neptune inconjunct. Notice how the very same combination of planets as in his birth chart are being highlighted in the transits and progression of this year and notice the effect...


Ainan Celeste Cawley is a genious and a child born in a family of gifted children. He was born 23 November 1999 in Singapore. Here you see the chart drawing for noon on his birthday .
His parents are searching for a university to make this 7-year old an academic before he will lose interest in learning. Soon transit Saturn will square the progressed Sun. Within a few years the progressed Sun will conjunct Pluto. These are no easy pjrospects.

Where in the birth chart of Cawley is the genious? I think his individual natal chart (including birth time) makes the difference (like his parents do, see the blog of the mother). Still there are indications. There is a golden yod, there is a three fold midpoint combination for successes and there is a prominent Mercury (planet of knowledge and youth).
Mercury is ahead of the Sun AND sesqui square Zero Aries. That makes Mercury prominent. As Mercury is afflicted by Saturn and Uranus, I doubt that he has a happy childhood being so special.
There is a so called golden yod build by quintiles and biquintiles between Sun, Jupiter and Uranus. Such a connection indicates a succesfull view (of the future) and quintiles are for creative talents. We could read this golden yod as that of a person who is ' his time ahead'. (Notice that all astrologers that I know of have a combination like that in aspects or in midpoints).
We see three times the midpoint combination of Mars with Jupiter and Pluto: Mars 22.5 Jupiter/Pluto, Jupiter 112.5 Mars/Pluto, en Pluto 90 Mars/Jupiter). We notice the hard aspects between Mars and Jupiter and between Jupiter and Pluto. They confirm the midpoint combinations and show a great potential and energy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Recently the media told us that Paul McCartney has fears for the safety of his daughter (now that Heather Mills told the media that she planned a suicide) and that Heather Mills said Paul McCartney was a miser. I wrote about this couple before. At the moment Heather Mills suffers from heavy transits by Saturn (sesqui square her Sun and inconjunct her Saturn). Paul McCartney still has Transit Uranus on the Ascendant and is recovering from transit Pluto opposed to the Sun: this symbolises a radical change in his life...

I wrote on 24th October 2006 that Paul had transit Pluto right on the MC at the moment that his former wife was accusing him of abuse. I do not wish to speculate about that accusation. Your can see the chart below. Pluto on the MC by transit is making life difficult enough...

Here is the chart of McCartney (18th June 1942 Liverpool, possibly at 2 p.m., I also saw 00h30 once) with the positions of Heather Mills (12th January 1968, Aldershot, acc. to Wikipedia) wrapped around. The most narrow aspects between the two are their Mars inconjunct. That is not very favourable for working together or for sex. Mars inconjunct Mars in synastry can lead to a struggle (example in the world of sports: Marco van Basten and Ruud van Nistelrooij).

For those who like to keep it simple and look at signs: they just do not match! His Sun is in Gemini, hers in Capricorn (no easy combination). His Venus is strong in Taurus, hers is in Sagittarius (another inconjunct between signs, but both loving material growth). His Mars in Leo and hers in Pisces is the most uneasy combination as the aspect is exactly inconjunct.

There is a real battle about money going on now. Heather has a Sun trine Pluto, an aspect for those who survive and dare. And yes, she dared asking one quarter of Pauls'money, when he - the 'miser' - offered her 30 million pound...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

ESMÉE DENTERS: from YouTube to Oprah

Esmée Denters has become famous throught YouTube. The album of the Dutch singer will be released early 2008 and she will appear in Oprah pretty soon.

Esmée was born in Holland on September 28, 1988. On that day the positioning of Venus was rather similar as those of other 'diva's' and singers who's charts I studies. She has Venus in Sagittarius, trine Uranus and sesqui square Neptune. Venus is walking ahead of the Sun. But there is more to see...

The fact that she is aiming at the international field could be related to the oriental Jupiter. Jupiter trines the Sun and makes a sextile with Mars. That is a combination for successes, just like Venus conjunct the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto. With Sun in Libra and Moon in Taurus Esmée must be a woman with good taste and talents. Notice the opposition between Sun and Mars for enterprise. Without having an hour of birth there is not much more to say, but as far as her talents are concerned what I said just now might be enough...!


With 60% of the positions in the fixed signs on his birthday (29th October 1978 in Kapsaber, Kenya) Martin Lel is born to be persistent. That seems a good sign for a marathon man. Today he won the New York Marathan with transit Jupiter semi square to the Sun.