Thursday, November 8, 2007


Is it Sun Arc Neptune inconjunct the Sun? Is it transit Neptune sesqui square Mercury, Saturn and Pluto? Is it Saturn square Neptune? Whatever it is, it is Neptune! Neptune is bothering Rasmussen. That is why nobody believes what he says. That is why he is being contradicted in the media. Neptune is the planet of scandalls, les, cheating, media and fantasy...And on the birth day of Rasmussen the Sun opposed to Neptune and squared Jupiter. He has the same hard aspect between Sun and Jupiter as Marion Jones and Floyd Landis have.

Biker Michael Rasmussen has difficulties in being believed and trusted this year. First transit Jupiter opposed to his Sun. And now there is that Neptune inconjunct. Notice how the very same combination of planets as in his birth chart are being highlighted in the transits and progression of this year and notice the effect...

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