Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Ira Levin wrotes the kind of books that intriged the public. Before my 25th I used to name Ira Levin when they asked me who my favorite writer was...A kiss before dying was the first book I read of him. I remember the main character of This Perfect Day (Chip, from 'Chip of the old block') and I read the scary 'Rosemary's baby' when I was pregnant...

As the HOB is unknown some of the astrological information is missing, such as the correct sign of the Moon, the M.C., the Ascendant and the crucial placements in the chart. What is known is this:

In the birth chart of Ira Levin Neptune was rising before the Sun. He was an artist. With Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto 'calling'(without major aspects in sign) you can see why he suddenly became famous and how his successes were based upon tension and suspense.

Ira Levin was born August 27 1929 (time unknown) in Manhattan and he died November 12, 2007.

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