Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The former president of France, Jacques Chirac, experiences heavy times. Chirac, born in Paris 29th November 1932 around noon, is suspected of fraude and malversations (such as placing party members on the salary list thought they were not really working) in the period of time that he was mayor of Paris. Now that he is no longer a president he can be prosecuted and that is done with the following difficult transits (all at this time!):

Saturn square Sun
Saturn conjunct Mars
Saturn semi square Pluto
Uranus semi square Saturn (in 12!)
Mars inconjunct Midheaven
Pluto conjunct Moon
Jupiter inconjunct Pluto
And in addition there is a transit coming from Neptune, conjunct the Ascendant.

Jacques Chirac will celebrate his birthday soon. His solar return chart has Neptune on top, but also Jupiter on the descendant, pointing at support. That is only one little point of light in the darkness. The transits indicate a situation of disadvantages and of being suspected, going together with intense emotions.

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