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Sun/Mars midpoint combination

A midpoint is the point in the middle of two positions in a chart. Any object on that midpoint or in hard aspect with that midpoint creates a midpoint combination. This post is about the midpoint combinations with Sun/Mars. Sun/Mars can be the midpoint of the man in your life - in women’s charts: when I had progressed MC conjunct Sun/Mars I met my husband- and provides information about the nature of your energy level and how you manifest your drives.
Monument to the Sun in Croatia, by Andrej Salov 

The midpoint combinations with Moon, Mercury and Venus have been published in earlier posts about Sun/Moon, Sun/Mercury and Sun/Venus. New are Sun/Mars/Jupiter, Sun/Mars/Saturn, Sun/Mars/Uranus, Sun/Mars/Neptune, Sun/Mars/Pluto, Sun/Mars/Node, Sun/Mars/AC and Sun/Mars/MC. 

"Impatience, action, promotion, drives and energy are being highlighted, sometimes people with this combination actually are ‘in sports’ or activists. In the chart of a female this midpoint combination often highlights the importance of the opposite sex. Anyone with Sun/Moon/Mars-combinations wants marriage and family life to be productive and sees marriage as a sort of a joint venture. They need speed and action to feel alive."

"The sharp mind often produces sharp opinions. I know of a comedian with a threefold combination of Sun/Mercury/Mars. His words really 'cut' and 'hit' you when you are the target!"

"Sun/Venus in hard aspect with Mars: that is a combination for passion, art and love. Both Paris Hilton and Paul McCartney have Sun conjunct Venus/Mars: that is another way to make a Sun/Venus/Mars midpoint combination."

When Jupiter is in hard aspect with Sun/Mars you are likely having success thanks to a lot of energy and drive. Dutch conqueror Piet Hein had Sun semi square Mars/Jupiter. Nelson Mandela has Mars square Sun/Jupiter. 

Sun/Mars with Saturn finds fewer joy in working and being a man with responsibilities, unless the person involved sees his duties as only natural. Mars-Saturn is the aspect combination of discipline and being disciplined. The military is one of the territories of Mars-Saturn. This combination might also reflect mourning. Prince William has Sun/Saturn conjunct Mars. Prince Charles has Sun/Mars square Saturn. 

 Women might live with a man who is not always there for them or life with (or without) a man can be hard. Michele Martin, the wife of serial killer Marc Dutroux, responsible for the death of two 8 year old girls, has Sun/Mars conjunct Saturn (Sun in 24 Capricorn, Mars 0 Capricorn and Saturn 12 Capricorn). 

The explosive nature of Mars and Uranus is being highlighted by the Sun when there is a midpoint combination of Sun, Mars and Uranus. Sometimes this combination refers to ‘an accident’ (getting pregnant, too) and arrests. The ability of acceleration is the other side of this combination.
Zinedine Zidane has Uranus square Sun/Mars. Osama bin Laden had Sun/Uranus conjunct Mars. 

Sun/Mars and Neptune is more obscure. Someone with this midpoint combination might work in secret business or be involved in ‘an affair’. Another resonation is lost of energy due to poison or drugs or being the victim of aggression…it can’t be all that bad. Rudi Guiliani has Mars conjunct Sun/Neptune, for example.

Sun/Mars and Pluto intensifies vital male energies. Mars with Pluto is the combination of the drive to win. The sun is highlighting this drive. The ‘strong man’ (in force or in politics) has such a midpoint combination. For example: Lula da Silva (Sun square Mars/Pluto) and Pope Benedict XVI: Sun/Mars semi square Pluto. 

Sun/Mars and Nodes is the combination of the working community of men, a team of workers and of producing together.

Sun/Mars and Ascendant offers opportunities to be active, assertive and/or aggressive. Bruce Willis has Mars semi square Sun/Ascendant.

The team leader (the coordinating worker) has Sun/Mars in hard aspect with Midheaven but this combination pops up in the charts of famous women, too. Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand and Stephanie Grimaldi have Sun/Mars/MC. They are active and energetic. Dutch king-to-be Prince William Alexander also has this midpoint combination.


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