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Grand and small trines and John Demjanjuk's chart

The chart of John Demjanjuk is a good example of the effect of a grand and a tight small trine. The three planets of trines are involved in difficult midpoint combinations. The five planets of the small and grand trine aren't easy planets. Now: what rules? The trine or the midpoint combinations or the meaning of the planets involved? Are sextiles and trines ‘harmonious’ in the sense of ‘good’? Or are they, what I think that they are doing, just making it easy to let the good and bad energies of planets flow. Take for example this chart, the chart of the day of birth of John Demjanjuk. On the day of Demjanjuk’s birth there was a grand trine (Mars, Uranus, Pluto) and an ever tighter small trine (Mars, Saturn, Pluto)!

There were two important events in the life of John Demjanjuk today:

1. He was found guilty
And transit Saturn is square his Progressed Sun
2. He was allowed to leave prison because of his age
In the progressed chart Sun is conjunct Venus.
A third aspect is Progressed Mercury square Mars (hot discussions).
Chart of day of birth Demjanjuk, progressions and transits

I have written about Demjanjuk before. He is supposed to have been a guard in Sobibor. Earlier in Israel they thought he was not the terrible Ivan of Treblinka. It is a long story, please see Wikipedia for the details and the historical facts. Here is some more about the positions of April 3, 1920. That is the day of birth of Demjanjuk. The positions of that chart should be seen in the light of the situation and circumstances. He lived in a country conquered by the Nazi’s.

There are a lot of trines (and a sextile). That tells me that he is the kind of person to choose the easy way out in times of trouble. Sometimes the easy way out is the wrong way.

There is a small trine formed by Mars, Saturn and Pluto in his chart of  April 3, 1920. You know that Mars, Saturn and Pluto together are the combination of unnatural death. Apparently that was the theme on April 3, 1920, the day that he was born in Kiev. This combination was repeated 3 times in midpoint combinations (Mars - Saturn/Pluto; Saturn - Mars/Pluto; Pluto - Mars/Saturn). The midpoint combinations show hard and dangerous methods and the danger of death or the disadvantages of using violence.
He has been accused of using violence and there was a risk of capital punishment for a long time.

I quote myself:
"I think that the midpoint combinations point at actual events and hard times. And that the small trine symbolises the way you deal with it.
He could get away with it for a long long time. And that is the effect of the small trine."

Also, there is Uranus rising before Sun and inner planets. That is not unusual in the charts of those who get very very old.

Quoting myself:
On his birthday 50% of the placements were in water sign (...) Saturn is opposition Uranus (the theme of limited freedom) and biquintile Sun (a creative way to lengthen life...he had been convicted 20 years ago!). 
Water signs tend to go with the flow and be more biased. See the post about bias in the chart.

When it comes to progressions and transits, Saturn and Pluto keep coming back. Saturn and Pluto progressions and transits are connecting the episode of the Second World War to the moment of punishement and prosecution.

Quoting myself again:
During the war Demjanjuk had progressed Sun trine Pluto and sextile Saturn, with transit Saturn conjunct progressed Sun and transit Pluto square progressed Sun. The Saturn-Pluto combinations sometimes include having to pay later...
At his first trial in 2005/2006 progressed Sun was conjunct progressed Pluto and sextile Saturn. The Saturn-Pluto combination for hard confrontations... It changed his life and endagered it, but... he is a die hard!   
It is the boomerang effect...

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Who is John Demjanjuk? Read Wikipedia... For the news, see CNN.
Txs to Wiki Commons for this picture of a young John Demjanjuk

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