Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chart of Mr. Harold Camping's day of birth

Aren't we all happy that Harold Camping was wrong and we all were right about the End of the World? He is happy, too. At least, if you believe that transit Jupiter square Sun and inconjunct Venus is an astrological statement for extraordinary happiness...The fact that is was the wrong idea, that May 21 would be the last (or his lasts) is of minor importance. For that we see Saturn square natal Mercury and Neptune 105 d progressed Mercury. Also transit Pholus square Jupiter turns the happy tides. 

Wether he was right or wrong: he had success! His name is known all over the world. A woman tried to cut her daughters' throats just because mr. Harold Camping predicted the End of the World! What an influence! And what does the chart say about that? This is the chart of the day that Harold Camping was born. It was not 'just one day'. It was also the day of birth of a famous scientist, Rosalyn Sussman Yalow (link to Wiki). Perhaps it was a better day to be born as a scientist then to be than as a prophet...

First of all: we don't know the hour of birth, unfortunately. So we don't know the degree of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven, or the midpoint Sun/Moon or AC?MC. We don't know the angular positions, either. But, we know a few things. He has, for example, the majority of placements in water signs and that makes him the kind of person to 'go with the flow' with a desire to 'be part of it' 'to belong' and ' to be a member' (of the Good ones, of course). 

There is also an applying narrow trine between Uranus and Pluto, the duo of Revolution. There must be (Pluto) change (Uranus) and the trine shows us how fluently this concept of dramatic change is being adapted in the world of mr. Camping (I like that name, I like to go to Campings!:) Then there is Saturn quintile Pluto: a creative die hard! He is not really beaten by the facts of life. Now that his prediction failed, he simply produces the next one! Saturn-Uranus with Pluto makes the dramatic change not a very pleasant one (in his eyes).

Transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Quaoar tells us about sudden new realities causing lack of balance. 

We know that the tightest growing aspect in his chart is Mars sextile Saturn. Mars-Saturn wants discipline and order. The End of the World would be a good way to discipline earth, wouldn't it?  And let's not forget the magic biquintile between Mars and Pholus: the creative fighter. Mars-Saturn with Pholus would make a hard turning point. Mars is the orientational planet: he is an activist (Mars) creating (biquintile) hard turning points. And he just did! Some of his followers learned not to believe so hard.

Mr. Camping's nature is to make propaganda (Mars orientational) and aspects of his character are 'the die hard', 'hard discipline' and 'the way out to dramatic change' represented by Saturn-Pluto, Mars-Saturn and Uranus trine Pluto. He could have tried to become a scientist, but for a number of reasons that we don't know he became a 'prophet'. No astrologer would expect him to predict heaven ever after with this kind of a chart and horoscope. (But I wonder why transit Jupiter provides such a self confidence (and perhaps support) after such a moment.)

Mars is inconjunct Saturn right now (May 24, 2011) and that aspect made me think of mr. Obama's 'Beast' hitting the floor in England:) (also see Twitter.com/Astropost)

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