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Charts of the Casey and Caylee Anthony case

This post is about the charts of the case of the death of little Caylee Anthony and the trial against her mother, Casey Anthony. These charts show similar aspect combinations when compared to those of other (such) criminal cases: Mars-Pluto, Mars-Saturn-Pluto and Sun-Neptune. Those are the combinations of use and abuse of force or violence, untimely death and question marks about whereabouts or identity. 

Mother Casey Anthony is supposed to have been born on March 19, 1986 in Orlando and her daughter on August 9, 2005. Mid June 2008 Caylee vanished and on December 11, 2008 her dead body was found in a wood. The question is if Caylee was accidently killed or if her mother murdered her (and then she might get the dead penalty).  Fact is that the little girl died and that her mother hasn’t been able to come up with a plausible story.  What she told and did up to now is at least strange, even if she was not involved in her daughter’s death.

Charts don’t tell right from wrong. They just show patterns. Those patterns correspond to those in similar cases. See for example They are:

1.   Mars-Saturn-Pluto (combination of untimely death)
Mars is square Saturn and sesquisquare Pluto  with Pluto as the apex in the midpoint yod with Mars/Saturn (Mars/Saturn opposition Pluto) in the chart of little Caylee. Venus is involved with this trio, too. The Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination was also prominent in the chart of little Jonbenet Ramsey. I quote myself:
There is a grand square of Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto. Mars and Pluto are prominent in her chart, as they are connected to Zero Aries by hard aspects (135 degrees). Mars is on cusp eight, the house of Pluto and Mars opposes Pluto. It is clearly seen that there is a danger to die (8) because of an act (Mars) of violence (Pluto). 
Also see the post about Mars-Saturn-Pluto and the death of Osama bin Laden:

2.   Sun-Neptune (disappearance)
When someone’s ‘being’ or existence is unclear, Neptune is part of the picture. In the post about missing persons Neptune is clearly present. Caylee Anthony has a narrow opposition of Sun and Neptune in the natal chart.

3.   Mars-Pluto synastry (combination of danger of aggression)
In the case of Joran van der Sloot Mars-Pluto is exactly showing us what happened: use of violence, see
To avoid any speculations: Mars-Pluto interaction doesn't have to resonate violence between two persons. It all depends on circumstances, gender and situation. The Mars-Pluto energy could also be the reflection of intense competition. Aspects mean an issue or theme, not an act!


Mother Casey has 50% of the placements in water signs and 60% in mutable signs. Jupiter is rising before her Sun in Pisces (for the optimist or international). The Moon is strong in Cancer. This is the chart of an optimist, going with the flow, group sensus. There is an aspect combination of Sun, Mars and Uranus, with Mars semi square Sun/Uranus. That aspect combination points at a possible short fuse that could have been usefull in sports (Tyler Bozak was born March 19,1986, too).
There is nothing very special about the day of birth of Casey Anthony. Her hour of birth is unknown, so that we don’t know the position of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven nor the angularities. What we know is that the Cancer Moon has an isolated position. In the chart of a woman and a mother this means a strong focus on family matters and the role as a mother. She might be moody with this position, sometimes.
If she was born in the morning she would have a grand trine of Moon, Jupiter and Pluto. If she was born in the late afternoon or evening, her focal Moon would be ‘calling’ and that would make her needs very prominent, at any possible level.

The incomplete picture (lacking time of birth) shows that on the year that Caylee vanished and Casey Anthony was arrested transit Pluto was square the natal Sun of Casey. Years with transit Pluto are difficult, intense and challenging, always. Those are the years of stress.
With progressed Sun inconjunct Quaoar a new world was created, and it included a lost or having to give up on something. Here ‘something’ was a child and freedom.

Daughter Caylee has a strong Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination in her chart. That is the combination of danger of unnatural or untimely death as a theme/issue in life. Mars is square Saturn and sesquisquare Pluto. the midpoint of Mars and Saturn is opposition Pluto. Saturn is semi sextile Saturn.
The actual ‘work out’ of the blue print that a chart is, is depending on gender, genes and situation of the nativity. But any chart with such a pattern contains a warning to be vigilant.

On the day of birth of Caylee transit Mars was opposition the Pluto of mother Casey, transit Uranus square the Saturn of mother Casey and transit Quaoar trine the Venus of mother Casey. The difficult Mars-Pluto connection between them might just point at ‘having to use force’ on the day of birth. Mars-Pluto connections between chart might however point at the danger of the use and abuse of violence (see the Joran van der Sloot post).

Remember, charts show patterns and issues. Charts don’t have pointing fingers. But the charts of this case do show danger.

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