Sunday, May 1, 2011

Speculating about King Charles

When will Prince Charles be King? Prince Charles is almost old enough to retire and he hasn't started yet. He is breaking the record of being 'king to be'. His chart is good enough for waiting in patience. I once read that the Moon in the 10th house might (mIght!) indicate a position in waiting (like in a shop, waiting for the clients). His Moon is also in Taurus and Taurus has patience. Taurus is a fixed sign. His mother Elizabeth has 50% of her placements in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius: the sphynx - see the story about Mubarak). In search for the right moment I found November 14 2014, Charles' 66th birthday. On that day Saturn is exactly conjunct the Midheaven of Queen Elizabeth. And transit Uranus is exactly conjunct the Midheaven of Charles, with the progressed Sun changing sign within six month (for the changing life style). I hope Uranus means surprise and not 'shock' on that day. Here is the chart of Charles for 2014.

Speculations about abdication is like predicting the weather. Next weekend (so they tell me) there will yes and no be rain and that temperatures might be lower than or above 15 degrees. Anyway: it will be fresh enough for camping weather! Wish me strength!

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