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About the innocence in the chart of Patrick Dils

When you happen to be on the scene of a crime at the wrong (astrological) moment, and when there are indications of being too open minded, restricted freedom and the issue of death in your chart, you could be the victim of a wrong conviction (especially in a dramatic case, when the ‘people’ want a quick and solid solution). That is what happened in the case of Patrick Dils, who confessed twice under pressure, spent 15 years in jail and later was found not guilty. And there are more of such cases...
A young man, Patrick Dils, spent 15 years in prison, but he was innocent. They said that he killed 2 boys when he was 16 years old, on September 22, 1986. He was born on June 30, 1970 at 2h45 a.m. in Longeville (according to (BTW On the day of the murders he had haad transit Uranus conjunct progressed Moon and Progressed Ascendant was trine progressed Jupiter.) He is free now and received one million euro compensation. There are a few video's with media appearances after his release.
A look at this chart might help when you study criminal cases. There are so many indications for misinterpretations, shock, nerves and (the resistance against) limited freedom in the chart!   

When he confessed the murders (first time April 1987) there was a number of difficult transits and progression. They point at an overdose of stress and emotions, depression and …an easy way out to relief.
1.      Progressed Midheaven inconjunct Pluto, a signal for too much pressure and stress and
2.      Transit Neptune square Sun (for being seen in a negative light).
3.      Transit Uranus was opposition his Ascendant (nervous situation, changes).
It is a combination for an arrest (Uranus AND Pluto in hard aspect with the angles) and suspicion (Neptune).
The second confession was during a reconstruction of the murders on May 7, 1987. The previous aspects were still within orb and now there was even more:
4.      Progressed Ascendant exactly opposition progressed Moon.
Such an aspect mirrors ‘keeping memories alive’ (Moon) of others (opposition). Moon-Ascendant in opposition is the statement of an emotional confrontation with a situation.
5.      Transit Pholus square Saturn also contributes to a bad turning point in life.
6.      Transit Saturn was exactly sesquisquare his progressed ruler 1, Mercury and
7.      Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Saturn.
That is a bad sign for respect and guilt and the resonation of a conflict between what is been said (Mercury) and what is real(Saturn). Emotions and lies and one might wonder why.
8.      Transit Uranus sextile Jupiter (the easy way out – sextile - for relief – Jupiter+Uranus)

Then it is April 24, 2002 and they find him not guilty after all with the following transits and progressions:
1.      Progressed Sun almost conjunct progressed Mars (a new start)
2.      Progressed Sun opposition MC (highlighted episode).
3.      Transit Uranus EXACTLY trine progressed Jupiter (a double reliefJ;it is the ‘thank God’combination, said Ebertin)
4.      Transit Uranus square progressed Neptune (almost fainting, lost consciousness)
5.      Transit Jupiter inconjunct Descendant (exaggerated situation)
6.      Transit Jupiter conjunct progressed Ascendant (positive development of a situation)
7.      Transit Quaoar opposition Ascendant (before the trial): new perspectives on the horizon
8.      Transit Sun inconjunct Uranus (next day: a day full of tension)
9.      Transit Pluto R inconjunct Mars (wanting to finish a difficult struggle, having to defend yourself with the risk of losing a lot of energy)
10.  Transit Pholus square Venus (change in preference or sympathy)
PS Jupiter and Neptune with progressed AC and MC; a devoted audience. And the most fortunate combination is this one:
Progressed Midheaven trine Progressed ASC (crucial moment) trine Transit Jupiter (fortune)
Of course there had been investigations before the verdict. In December the progressedMidheaven was sesquisquare Jupiter and n the year before there was P Mars=IC (action)
The amount of transits and progressions tells us that there is an important event and the exact aspect (Transit Uranus trine progressed Jupiter) tells what happened on that day. It is wonderful aspect, also in my own experience, an aspect for an event to be grateful about.
One million for 15 young years…The dispositors of the houses of money and values (Moon and Saturn) are in the twelfth house of ‘fate’. He declared that he would have preferred not to have to a dime for what he suffered.

One might wonder if Patrick Dils was ‘born to be a suspect’ or if there were any indications for getting in such a situation because of ‘himself’.
Uranus-Pluto is the combination of sudden unexpected change, like when you are arrested. In the chart of Dils we see Zero Aries opposition Uranus/Pluto and Uranus square, Pluto 75 degrees Sun. We see limited freedom in the sesquisquare between Saturn and Uranus. The Uranus-Pluto combination is resonating impulsive change and …intense nerves or problems with change and nerves.
Mercury rules the Ascendant and is square Zero Aries/Aries Point. Mercury is afflicted: inconjunct Neptune, square Pluto and trine Jupiter. The inconjunction with Neptune refers to mixing facts and fantasy. He lied that he did it. Neptune is very confusing and with Mercury Neptune confuses the mind. When he was questioned, transit Neptune was square Sun and that is very confusing! At some point he might have wondered if he might have done it. With Mercury inconjunct Neptune in a natal chart it is so easy to be influenced and so easy to act as if …He wrote a book about his experiences later. Actors and writers of fiction can use Mercury-Neptune, but in a criminal case too much empathy and fantasy could be used against you…Mercury-Neptune can also be seen as a lack of defence against the negative ideas and influences of others (being too ‘open minded’, perhaps).
Mars/Saturn/Pluto is the issue of murder (Mars-Saturn is death, Mars-Pluto is the use or abuse of force, influence or violence and Saturn-Pluto is the ‘die hard’aspect; the combination is the combination of the disadvantages of having to defend yourself, the untimely death of you or someone you get involved with etc.). In the chart of Dils we see:
Sun semi square Mars/Pluto; Moon half semi square Mars/Saturn; Mercury and Venus half semi square Saturn/Pluto; Uranus semi square Mars/Pluto; Node in aspect with Saturn/Pluto and Uranus/Pluto; Midheaven sesquisquare Saturn/Pluto and 112.5 (square + half semi square) Mars/Pluto; Saturn/Pluto in conflict with Mars/Pluto.
The Midheaven with Saturn/Pluto and Mars/Pluto is resonating a reputation, condition, status or career related to untimely death and a ‘die hard’ condition after getting over all this…
When you happen to be at the scene of a crime at the wrong (astrological) moment, and when there are indications of being too open minded, restricted freedom and the issue of death in your chart, you could be the victim of a wrong conviction (especially in a dramatic case, when the ‘people’ want a quick and solid solution). He is not alone. I have seen the charts of two women who were accused and convicted for murder. One of them, Ina Post, confessed and has now been found not guilty after years in prison. The other one – a nurse- always pleaded not guilty and later statistics evidence reveiled that there hadn’t been any murders at all. She had Mars square Saturn and semi square Pluto, tightly, and Mercury square Saturn and 15d Neptune. She lied about her licence to be a nurse, but she was not a murderer. When they found her not guilty after years in prison, transit Saturn was conjunct her Sun and Uranus was opposition her Sun (the combination of limited freedom and breaking free).

It is not easy to be a judge...but it is harder to be an innocent suspect. I recall anotherr case of two convicts (spent years in prison, too) who were found guilty after confessions under pressure. Now the real murderer has been found...The  murders of the case of Patrick Dils remain unsolved.
Amanda Knox case (can be translated into English)
You Tube (in French)
Ina Post (found not guilty after all, real killer unknown) on YouTube and Lucia de Berk (not guilty after all, too, there isn't even a proof that there were murders) on YouTube, both in Dutch. The charts of their day of birth (no hour of birth) are here, with transits and progressions for the day when the judge said: not guilty. 

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