Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transit Neptune and David Cameron

In the post about the chart of David Cameron I wrote:
David Cameron has the chart of a leader (the Sun is 'calling'), a lot of things coming his way (beginning with barriers!) and in the long term a success to look forward to. 
I also mentioned the transits of Saturn and Neptune. In February of this year transit Neptune was square his progressed Sun (recently changed sign) and now Neptune is back and not for the last time. Neptune's transit are always confusing (see the post...). Part of the Neptune vocabulary is bad press, gossip and negative influences, isolation and shame. David Cameron has a nasty time now, because he is personally involved in relationships with Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks. One of his closest employees used to work for Murdoch. The name of Cameron is mentioned every time that the News of the World is in the news. That is a typical Neptune effect.

Within 1,5 year David Cameron will have Progressed Sun trine Jupiter and just one month ago he had one of the best progressions a man can get: Moon trine Jupiter. This affair might be a test case for the beneficial effect of Jupiter's trines...Does Jupiter bring the long term success or will it be too late because of Neptune? Here is the chart:

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