Monday, April 22, 2013

Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his chart positions

Here is the chart of the day of birth of the elder brother of Dzhokbar or Dzhokar Tsarnaev. His first name was Tamerlan. Apart from being the main suspect of the bom attacks of April 15 (Boston Marathon), he is now suspected of the brutal murder of three persons, among whom one of his friends.

In the progressed chart of Tamerlan Tsarnaev the Sun is square Mars now. This is a very driven and stimulating progression with a risk to hurt or get hurt. Mars in his natal chart is seriously (Saturn) dangerous (Pluto) in certain situations and under certain conditions. You see, Mars is square Pluto and sextile Saturn in the natal chart. Both aspects are very very tight.

I have repeatedly written about the combination of Mars-Saturn-Pluto related to unnatural death causes (as a victim, by suicide or ... by violent act).

Here is a link to all those posts:

Right now, transit Pholus is exactly conjunct the midpoint Mars/Pluto, illustrating the turning point in a violent act.

LINK to the chart of the day of birth and present positions of the younger brother:
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Harmon Ziegler said...

Look at planetary positions of Abdul Rahman al-Harbi, th Saudi man picked up at th Boston Marathon bombing site
& flown back to S Arabia th same(next?) day. (Was he involved?)
Born March 12, 1993; I used Noon w Riyadh as a birthplace.
Sat 24Aqr32 sq Pluto 25Scrp28 cnj Mn 17Scrp, mkng Mn sq Sat;
5 planets in a Grand Cross: Mars 12Cncr07 opp Nep 20Cap40, Uran 21Cap21; all 3 sq Vns 20Aries, & Jup 12Lib02 (I use wide orbs in th 4 mjr aspcts: up to 15° w Sun & Mn; btwn planets, 10° for sq or trine. Bcs in people I know well, they'r in effect.)
As for planning ability, he has Merc 15Psc26 (cnj Sun 21Psc47) in a Grand Trine w Mars & Moon. Sun/Merc r trine Pluto/Mn & sxtl Urns/Nep.
Many times when I look up famous pple (like classcl composrs, i.e., I get NO clue that they were musical geniuses.) Here, his chart says "Watch Out! An explosion waiting to happen!" Maybe not w others born th same day, but definitely troubld souls!
What do u think?

Astromarkt said...

Fortubately, astrology is of no use when it cones to judgements abt guilt or not. The same patterns are shares by victims, crimibals and those eorking in tge field of crine. So: I don't know. Genes, culture, social circumstabces and other influences often make the difference. Mozart's father was a musician, too, so they HAD instruments.
See my blog for the pattern of artistic talents and examples....

Astromarkt said...

Sorry for the typo 's! Use Iphone + in bed with flu!