Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guantanamo Bay and the Saturn-Uranus pattern

Excuse me, but as transit Saturn and Uranus are square my natal Sun and MC right now, I cannot help noticing Saturn-Uranus-patterns, again and again. Saturn-Uranus hot item is 'limited freedom/breaking free' (from protocol to prison) and changing the status quo. Just click on the label Saturn-Uranus below this post to see more post about Saturn-Uranus. But first read this one and notice the 3-fold Saturn-Uranus pattern around Guantanamo Bay (the prison - thé Saturn-Uranus issue).

Barack Obama has Saturn tightly inconjunct Uranus and Uranus rules his ASCendant and is square his MC. Saturn is sextile Midheaven.

George W.Bush has Saturn tigtly semi square Uranus and Uranus rules his DEScendant and is sextile his MC. Saturn is 105 degrees from Midheaven.

For both men the Saturn-Uranus pattern is of crucial importance.

Now Obama has said that he is about to close the prison for suspects of terrorism that Bush founded (Guantanamo Bay). That is shortly after Obama has been elected and Bush'party has been defeated, during Saturn opposition Uranus on November 4, 2008.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition of Election Day activated the strong pattern in their natal chart and changed their lives.

Saturn is now square the radix Saturn of the prison (2002).
Uranus is now half semi square the radix Uranus of 2002.
Things have come in an important phase (period of time) for the prison itself.

And so the pattern of Saturn-Uranus keeps coming back. The importance of the theme in the life of Obama might be reduced from the fact that his first measure and act had to do with Guantanamo Bay.

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