Monday, January 26, 2009

ING Bank executive quits:
4 inconjunctions in transit...

In my post about the effect of the inconjunction (op on this blog Astropost) I wrote that inconjunctions describe a situation with disproportion or without balance and that this situation can be the result or the cause of lost. Michel Tilmant (21 July 1952) has stepped back today. He was the man in charge of the Dutch bank ING. The bank is in trouble, in spite of billions of support coming from the government. This fact AND personal conditions are the reason for leaving.

At the moment Michel Tilmant has 3 transits making inconjunction with the progressed chart:
1. Transit Neptune inconjunct progressed Sun (disproportional negative spotlight)
2. Transit Mars inconjunct progressed Pluto (to have to defend yourself or to use energy in an extraordinary way)je buitensporig moeten inspannen en verdedigen)
3. Transit Venus inconjunct progressed Pluto.
This is a very applying aspect. Venus-Pluto is the combination of financial values and the inconjunction is the aspect of 'no balance'. What is mentioned in the transits is exactly what is going on today, in his life. And that is visible even without hour of birth.

There is also transit Uranus inconjunct natal Pluto, for the dramatic change. Fortunately transit Mars is trine progessed Sun and transit Saturn trine progressed Jupiter, so there is at least some compensation for the 3+-fold indication for lost and 'having to give up'.

Michel Tilmant's natal Sun is 'calling' (an indication for a person being in the spotlight, leading or performing). There is only a quintile with Jupiter for a creative progress in life.


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