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Chart of Sharon Tate raising questions about trines, Venus and Jupiter

I was in the middle of translating the reading of the chart of Charles Manson for my site Astromarkt. Then I noticed an article on CNN about the Manson family and their demands for parole. The murder was 40 years ago now. In May of this year there will be another attempt to free Susan Atkins (who has a brain tumor). And the parole will probably be denied, again.

I wrote about the birth chart of Susan Atkins, last year. And now I wondered if their was an astrological link between the charts of Susan Atkins and Sharon Tate. The killer is Charles Watson, but Susan Atkins held Sharon Tate down so that he could stab her. She participated in the killing.

I found a lot of trines. They were abundant in the chart of Sharon Tate. She and Susan Atkins share a grand trine. And their charts are connected by trines, too.

First Sharon Tate's chart:

Sharon Tate's chart has the Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter without Ptolemaic aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. These are the planets of being a woman, of having success and of enjoying life. She has a grand trine of Sun, Saturn and Neptune, tightly. The grand trine is considered to be fortunate. And of course, Sharon Tate was a beauty, she had success and money.

The only thing is that Mars is biquintile Pluto and 157.5 (135+22.5) degrees from Saturn. Saturn is sextile Pluto. Mars-Saturn-Pluto is the combination of the danger of untimely death.


The connection with Susan Atkins is found in shared aspects and progressions of Saturn and Pluto.

Sharon Tate had Sun trine Saturn. Atkins has Sun square Saturn.
Sharon Tate had Sun opposition Pluto. Atkins has Sun square Pluto.
Sharon Tate had Mars semi square Neptune. Atkins Mars square Neptune.
Tate had Sun trine Neptune. Atkins Sun biquintile Neptune.

B. 9 AUGUST 1969
In the year before her death, the progressed Sun of Sharon Tate had changed sign, to indicate a different life style (maybe as she was pregnant). Her Sun had just been square Uranus. This is a signal that her life changed in a sudden way, related to 'life and death'. The aspect had occured already. But it says: sudden transformation related to 'life and death'.

Her Ascendant had progressed to the 14th degree of Leo, conjunct the natal Saturn/Pluto of her killer. The progressed ASC of Atkins was conjunct the progressed Pluto of Sharon Tate, who had progressed Saturn and Pluto close together. Atkikns and the victim share Sun-Saturn and Sun-Pluto aspects and the progressed angles are conjunct each others' Saturn-Pluto.

The 22nd degree is not a fortunate degree. The Black Moon seems to show the dark side of the moon. And the inconjunction reflects losts and losing. These 3 are relating one chart to another.

The Ascendant of Sharon Tate is in the 22nd degree of Cancer, inconjunct the Black Moon of Atkins (in the 22nd of Aquarius) and inconjunct her own Venus in the eight house (perhaps an indication for the disproportionate way to die by the hands of a woman).

When I studied the chart of Sharon Tate, I was surprised for several reasons:
- They say that a trine is a harmonious aspect. Sharon Tate had Sun and Mercury trine Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. She had a grand trine of Sun, Saturn and Neptune.
- They say that Jupiter on the Ascendant brings you luck. In fact, the study of Ken Gilmore showed that Jupiter on the Ascendant is a rather fortunate placement. Sharon Tate had Jupiter on the Ascendant.
- They say that Venus in the eight house helps you to die the soft way. Sharon Tate was stabbed to death by a fanatic follower of Charles Manson. And so was her unborn baby.

And how about synergie?
- They say that Venus means love and sympathy, but the Venus of Sharon Tate square the Midheaven of Susan Atkins didn't help much.
- They say that a Mars-Jupiter combination is very productive and stimulating, but how about Sharon Tate's Mars conjunct Susan Atkins' Jupiter?
- Sharon Tate's Uranus and Neptune were trine the AScendant of Susan Atkins, who was under the influence of drugs.
- Atkin's Chiron (the healer) was trine the Ascendant of her defenseless victim.

Trines sometimes seem to make it easy to die (the hard way). Venus is not always nice. Jupiter doesn't always protect you. And nice trines in synergy don't seem to mean a thing, sometimes.

Also read the article on about meeting people at the right (or wrong...) moment. Victim and killer met when they both had a combination for hard confrontations with others in their progressed charts. And they happened to have 'hard confrontations' in their natal charts (Sun-Saturn-PLuto), too.

How to explain that? I wish I knew.

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vela said...

I was surprised as much as you were when I saw sharon tate chart.. incredible. But maybe I found an answer in these last years of my life. FIRST Karma. I'll be very basic in my explaining cos I don't want to try to convince anybody just saying my point of view. When you establish your life in LA means a lot. Even if you pretend not to know ..deep down you know where you are. Making those sort of horror movies that she did. Marry the man she married.. if you have been given a beautiful opportunity and you decide to spend it this way.. you are abandoned. And when you walk alone the dark comes immediately into your life and... bang. The pleasure of killing is probably greater when is over such a beautiful creation... if you know what I'm talking about.. life is all about choices. Life is not prescribed life is all matter of choices. Because we born with the greatest freedom and depends on us how we spend it.