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Gemini Astrologer Jan Gieles (the -1 system man)

Dutch astrologer Jan Gieles was an autodidact who invented his own system for the progressed chart. Instead of adding the number of years, he added the number of years minus 1. (So your 20th progressed year will be your 19th then*). He said (and his followers still say so) that he had good results with that system. He explained that in the year before birth we are prepared for our existence on earth and that he felt that this was significant for the progressions. In the 70-80's astrologers used to focus on the psychological side of the chart and 'predictions' weren't appreciated much. He, however, said things like ' When the Moon is in Scorpio conjunct Pluto, this is very dangerous for the Middle East'. That, his special system and the fact that he wasn't a 'news paper sun sign astrologer' or busy on the internet is perhaps the reason why you haven't heard of him.

Gieles had his own magazine 'Sagittarius' , named after his Ascendant sign. I still have number 13:). I visited his class a couple of times, too, somewhere in the 80s. Subjects in my number 13 were chart analysis of the Queen and politicians, predictions, numerology, Sun signs explained, basics of astrology, homeopathy - astrology, the mythology of Saturn/Kronos and the 'nonexistence' of the Age of Aquarius (as there are no borders). He died in September 2007.

The astrological pattern of Jan Gieles' interest in astrology is in line with the pattern in the charts of other astrologers. His Jupiter/MC midpoint is opposite Uranus and his Jupiter is in minor aspect (112.5 degrees) with Uranus. Other interesting things in his chart:

  • Neptune is calling for visions at any possible level (he says that the idea of the -1 system began in his dreams; he also had Moon in Pisces)
  • Neptune and Pluto square and trine Midheaven (Neptune-Pluto-MC is the symbol of a 'paranormal' or mysterious position in society); together with Jupiter you see the fans and followers (Jupiter/Neptune) and success (Jupiter/Pluto) in his field
  • Tightest aspect is Moon square Jupiter (he was popular and had a class full of students)
  • Mercury is the final dispositor of Midheaven, for the magazine and the classes:)

His sign Gemini shows in the way that he instructed and in the fact that he didn't write a book, but published in a magazine.

*) It is rather difficult to use transits and progressions using that way. You need to take the progressed chart of one year before with the present transits.

Also visit: perhaps to see the chart of Gieles and read the analysis in Dutch:):

PS An assistent of Jan Gieles works with the -1 system. Site and made a calculation program names Newcombe

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