Tuesday, January 5, 2016

USA chart November 2016 and Pholus turning point

On November 8, 2016 there will be presidential elections in the USA. The Democrats almost certainly have Hillary Clinton as a candidate, and the Republicans might have Donald Trump. In earlier posts I've said that the stars favor Hillary, mostly. Now I take a look at the USA chart to see if there will be a turning point in history in 2016.

Fact is, that we don’t really know at what hour Hillary was born, unfortunately. So perhaps the USA-chart tells us something, I wondered. You may know that I like to have a look at Pholus whenever there is change. Barack Obama wanted to bring some change. In November 2008, when Barack Obama became the first colored president of the USA*), transit Pholus was on the Sagittarius Ascendant of the USA-chart to tell us that there was a crucial turning point in history. Here is the USA chart with transits and progressions for November 2008:
In 2016, transit Pholus will be square the USA Midheaven and inconjunct the USA progressed Midheaven for another crucial turning point. Hillary Clinton would be the first woman ever to be the USA president. That is indeed a turning point.
 If she was born 8:06 her progressed Ascendant would be conjunct Pholus.

So if there is to be a 'turning point in history' in November 2016, Hillary Clinton seems to be the one to make it.

Re Obama 2008: Transit Jupiter was exactly square his progressed Ascendant and quindecile his Mercury; his progressed Sun was sesquisquare Pholus then.

In 2010, when there were rumors that Donald Trump opted for the American Presidency, I wrote about his chart. He was one of the examples in my post about wealth in the chart and I wrote about him and the elections of 2016, regarding his declining progressed moon in 2016 (http://astropost.blogspot.nl/2015/08/progressed-moon-out-of-bounds-special.html).  There I mentioned that Hillary Clinton will have Jupiter on her side in November 2016.

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