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Richness and fame in Adele's chart

It is the end of 2015 and I haven’t even written about Christmas horoscopes or those of 2016. There are reasons and excuses enough and I won’t mention them now. It is a Year End Party here on Astropost and when there is a party, you mention only nice things. In astrology, that means talking about love, winning the lottery or the chance to become rich and famous in 2016. Let me start with that one. I use Adele’s chart as an example.

Consider the fact that only a 0.0086% of the world population is famous – about 600.000 out of 7 billion
That means that there must be more than 1 clue in the charts of those ‘lucky’ few.  Let’s get real about charts. Even with the most gifted chart you won’t become known or famous at a world level if you don't have the proper conditions, friends or culture. It takes a blend of a good chart with a lot of indications AND good conditions AND a proper environment to become famous. It takes at least 3 indications and for real fame, it takes more. With so many NOT famous persons in the world, it would be more interesting to see what keeps them in the mass of unknown persons, even if they DO have a ‘great’ chart. I found a lot of Jupiter in the charts of famous persons. People who become famous, usually have a lot of talent or beauty. Lots of people believe that they have such a talent, too, and maybe they do, but you also need a public (an audience), schooling (training) and the right people around you (who do you know). Also important: opportunities and focus! Real life is the same as with charts: one aspect is not enough.

My example is Adele. In short, in her chart you see a voice that wants to be heard somehow, anyhow. There is also talent, confidence, energy (drive) and faith. There is also realism. Here is the chart.
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 Adele is now a famous singer. She began her career at age 4J. She loved to sing and didn’t like reading. In her chart Mercury (symbol of communications, the voice) is ‘calling’ (that means that there is no common aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees so that the planet will manifest somehow, anyhow at any possible level). Her Mercury is also strong in Gemini in the 3rd house. In her 16th year, the progressed Sun reached Mercury. That was when she wrote her first song, in 2004!
(Note that her Mercury is inconjunct Uranus. For more on that aspect, start here: )

Lots of popular singers have a Venus-Uranus-Neptune combination in their charts and so has Adele: Venus quindecile Neptune and opposition Uranus. The pattern of artistic talents: Venus opposition Moon and quindecile Neptune, with the Moon in the 10th house. But what is there for ‘rich and famous’? Here are a few keys:

1.    Jupiter rises before her Sun and rules the 10th house (and is ruler 10 in 2; that is one of the keys: )
2.    Sun, Jupiter and Pluto are connected by aspect and via midpoint combination. This intensifies self confidence and enlarges self esteem. It is also one of the keys to become rich and famous.
3.    Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Pluto are also related to the Sun. This is the 3rd key. It means she has a lot of energy and drive.
4.    There is also a Sun-Jupiter-Neptune connection for belief (in yourself) and for the chance of getting an audience.
5.    The Sun-Jupiter conjunction is inconjunct Midheaven. This combination is generally fortunate, but there is always a ‘but’. Perhaps being a success makes it hard to balance the line between private and public life.
6.    Ruler 1 Uranus is in 10 and so is the classical ruler 1 (Saturn). Now we have 6 indications for ‘rich and famous’. This one points at ‘the career focus’.
7.    There are vital positions for Mars (on the Ascendant), Quaoar (square Ascendant), Jupiter (rising before the Sun) and Mercury (calling) so that her Astro ID sounds like ‘successful communications, enterprise and creativity).
8.    Sun in Taurus with Moon in Sagittarius is a good combination for being popular and earning more than average. It is the combination of to have (and talents) and positive attitudes that brings success.
9.    Jupiter and Sun in the 2nd house are both good signs when it comes to earning money.
10. She is a material girl (element earth is important), a realist. She founded her career at school.
11. When Jupiter rises before the Sun, your orientation is ‘abroad’ and you may like to travel, develop and get better all the time.

      Also: She has Moon, Venus and Uranus out of bounds (rulers of 1, 3 and 5). This draws the attention to unusual and special sense of what people like and need. The OOB Moon is ‘no longer under Daddy’s thumb’ (says Steven Forrest). The OOB Venus gives ‘an eye for beauty’ (see: ). And OOB Uranus makes you ‘different’. A lot of OOB planets in your natal chart don’t make you rich and famous. But they could make you 'extraordinary' in a certain field.That is what it takes to 'stand out' and get noticed.

      Did you start singing at age 4 and focussed as much as Adele did? Did you graduate in arts? Do you have friends with connections? And is your talent 'special'? Could you have become 'an Adele'? you have so many indications for fame in your chart? Then, you may become as famous as her or as Mozart ( He also had a special chart. 


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