Wednesday, March 14, 2012

History, astrology and computers

The best way to study astrology, in my opinion, is to check and study history. On my site Astromarkt there are three such studies:

In this study you will see that there were more revolutions starting without Uranus-Pluto in history, than with…Thought provoking, not?

Some astrologers said that there would be a world wide epidemic flu when Saturn was opposition Neptune. It turned out to be untrue. Of course, because history shows that there was never such an event when Saturn was opposition Neptune. In 3 out of 5 times Saturn-Neptune conjunctions ‘failed’ to reflect a world wide flu. Why not? Because Saturn has a 28-30 years cycle and massive epidemics are less frequent (thank God). So the Saturn-Neptune connection won’t help us to ‘see’ if there is epidemic flu coming. See the study…

Neptune is in Pisces and we are in the middle of a revolutionary time. I wondered if this corresponded with earlier positions of Neptune in Pisces, or in other words: what happened when Neptune entered Pisces in history? I didn’t find romantic dreams, I found revolutions related to ideology and religion in702, 866, 1029, 1193, 13571522, 1684 and 1848


I like to share a link to a story that shows how history could have been changed by laptops. Because that is a fact: computers help astrologers to discover more and more about the meaning of aspects, positions and charts. Thanks to the invention of the internet we have free access to a lot of information! Here you see the pictures. For better view, follow the link.

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