Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moon in same sign: what to share?

 One year ago I wrote about friends and couples (or parents and children) with the Moon in the same sign of the zodiac.How  Here is the link:
And here is some of the (refreshed) text about possible things to do together when you have the same moon sign:). 

Moon in Aries: action together (for example: do sport together, working together) and sometimes: arguing together and trying to make it first to the door:)

With Moon conjunct Moon in Taurus it may take a long time to end up like fighting bulls. (Such a nice couple, with Moon conjunct Moon in Taurus, trying recipes, eating together, going to an auction ...but offended so soon).

Moon in Gemini: dancing or shopping together, taking a walk or short trip, having a good discussion and... dressing up identical as if you were twins.

Moon in Cancer: family life, just being together in the same house, collecting photos or objects, always visiting family members and the children never far away or ...taking care of each other's mother/children.

Moon in Leo: showing off together, dramatic acts, having a party, glamour and glitter in the house... Wow, this couple with Moon conjunct Moon in Leo is drawing attention!

Moon in Virgo: helping and serving each other or others, cleaning the house together, buying shoes and bags together. You notice every little thing and that is why you are of perfect use in practical processes such as photography. What about having a bath or a sauna day together?

Moon in Libra: looking nice and charming, doing a 'beauty day' together, the house as a style icon...But what to choose? Moon in Libra just cannot decide. Maybe two of them find the balance? Anyway, they just NEED each others company.

Moon in Scorpio: looking bold and brave together, sharing dangerous experiences. They need challenges and are a daring couple. Don't ever challenge them!:)

Moon in Sagittarius: acting positive and cheerful, driving (fast) or traveling together, learning a language together, dreaming of a house abroad...When things are getting wrong you get nervous and then we see both of you running around.

Moon in Capricorn: sharing ambitions and the need to be economic and classical….or…Capricorn Moon friends might share things in order to be economic.

Moon in Aquarius: two individualist together will do their own thing in the same room, enjoying cars, techniques, electronics and the latest new devices or just telling funny tales.

Pisces Moon: romance, candle light, the same need to hide away in the strictly private twilight zone or to travel far far away, swimming in the moonlight, loving the same movie...

Really, there is a lot that people with the same moon sign can enjoy together. Many many more than the examples that you see here. 

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