Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quaoar, changing sun sign and Obama

Now that the Americans are leaving Iraq (leaving behind 50.000 soldiers to assist the police and armed forces) Quaoar (the symbol of new realities and perspectives) has a major role in the progressed chart of the President of the USA. Here you see the progressed chart with Quaoar on the Descendant and transit Quaoar is trine the progressed Ascendant (and sextile Quaoar/Descendant in the progressed chart). Also, his progressed Sun sign has changed now. His progressed Sun is in the first degree of Libra, opposition Aries Point. A new 30 year period has begun...Now we have two indications for change in the chart of the man who said that he wants to make a change, at a moment of change.
Progressed chart of Obama with transits
The natal chart of Obama has Quaoar exactly trine Ascendant. That makes it easy for him to create new perspectives. And that is what he offered the public during his campaign. Let us see what Quaoar has to offer in the period to come. The prominence of Quaoar in the chart of Obama enables astrologers interested in Quaoar to study the correspondence between the position of Quaoar and events on earth.

When the progressed Sun sign is changing your life or life style is changing, too. It depends on your age, situation and health how this change will be manifested. When you are very old and ill, you might face a change in health and vitality that forces you to change your life style. Some people die in such a period. Others start changing their way of living when they start another career, start living together, or move to another country, become parents (and make major changes) or ... become one of the world's most important leaders.

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