Saturday, November 1, 2008

Old wine in new bags: Saturn opposition Uranus

Old wine *)in new bottles, the elections and their ‘credo’s’? That is what crossed my mind a few times. And it seems that the Washington Post of June 2008 had the same idea about the candidates. It crossed my mind again, when I read that John Kerry and Al Gore are supposed to be a member of the new Obama-administration (if he wins). It is sooo Saturn-Uranus! You see: John Kerry's Sun is in the 19th of Sagittarius and the progressed Midheaven of Al Gore in the 22nd of Gemini, now. There is good old Saturn opposition Uranus again!

Old wine in new bottles is maybe the theme of this election. Obama started this with his European Tour, with going to Berlin, referring to John F. Kennedy, in July. I wrote among other things:
"Saturn of Obama is close to an opposition with the Midheaven of JFK. Instead of Jupiter-Uranus, Obama has Saturn-Uranus (Saturn inconjunct Uranus). So we might consider Uranus to be inconjunct the IC of JFK, too. I keep wondering what this particular aspect might indicate. A positive attitude towards the future (Jupiter-Uranus, JFK) and: being scared of the future (Saturn-Uranus, Obama)? JFK wanted to make changes; Obama says he wants to change things. But why then that Saturn-Uranus conflict?

This is what Astrology Weekly says (in other words) about the aspect and it remarkably fits the news.... that with Saturn inconjunct Uranus.......
In a sense, you are locked up in the past, and that persons with this quincunx are trying to hold on to old concepts, desperately."

Is not it remarkable that the Saturn-Uranus inconjunction in the chart of Obama is linked to the Sun of his wife and that Saturn-Uranus is exactly in opposition on Election Day and that these possible future members of the government have that transit of Saturn-Uranus related to their charts most important positions? Both planned to be a president one day and both failed. Now they are getting a new chance to reign (again) and make everything new the old way. Or the other way around: they do it like they did before with a new crew. Back to the future?

*) Nothing wrong with old wine, when it is an expensive one and well kept in dark cellars:)

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PS dated November 19, 2009:
After some appointments it is visible: it is (new?) wine in old bags:)...31 out of 47 officials in the Obama administration are strongly linked to the old Clinton-group...

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