Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chart of the day of birth of republican Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson, the Republican who shouted 'Liar' when President Obama was explaining his policy in the Senate, was born 31 July 1947 in Charleston, South Carolina. He is not the most popular man in the Senate right now. His progressed Sun is conjunct Neptune and transit Pluto is inconjunct his progressed Mars. That means that he is being seen in a negative light and that there is an issue of disproportionate political struggle.

On 31 July 1947 the Sun was in Leo and the Moon was in Capricorn, which promises an ambitious character. Uranus is the first outer planet rising before his natal Sun and Uranus is the symbol of controversy and upheaval, especially when conjunct Mars. Mars and Uranus often cause incidents and accidents and most of the people with this combination prominently placed in their charts have a hot temper. On Astromarkt I wrote a complete article about Mars-Uranus, the components for explosive acts. Transit Pluto is now inconjunct his progressed Mars. The inconjunction has unbalancing effect and often forces the energy of the planets involved to react in an outrageous way. Mars-Pluto is the combination of political struggle and using or abusing force or influence. Transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Mars tends to use or abuse force and influence in an excessive way. And with such a transit people often have to defend themselves against strong enemies (in competitions or in politics). Mars-Pluto makes a person angry. Joe Wilson was, and the majority of members of the Senate are still angry.

Another bad sign in the chart of Wilson is the progression of the Sun into the direction of Neptune (Progressed Sun conjunct Neptune). That is often indicating isolation and a bad press for celebrities.

The unaspected Venus in his chart mirrors the true diplomat. It didn't help much so far, at least not in this case...

This chart has no hour of birth. Still, if you know the situation and circumstances and see the most prominent placements and transits, it is easy to understand that a person with a hot temper uses his power in a disproportionate way and gets a bad press. There are many ways for planets to 'manifest' themselves and in the case of a politician in the USA Senate, this was a way that is a good translation of the combination of the planets involved.

Related post: the effect of Sun-Neptune combinations. I quote:
Am I who I think I am, or am I who other's think what I am?” said a person I knew. She had an oriental Neptune conjunct the Sun.

With progressed Sun in hard aspect with Neptune you are sometimes certain that you are not what others think you are but they see you in a bad light, as a suspect or in a negative way. In a few cases what you did before caused this.

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