Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dutroux's day out

Today, with transit Pluto exactly sextile his Neptune, Marc Dutroux was allowed to enter his house of horrors for the last time before demolition. I have written about his chart before (see Astromarkt).

Neptune and Pluto together are the combination of discretion and secrets and silent force. That is why this combination is so prominent in the charts of investigators of crime, in the charts of 'magicians' and in the charts of those who are occupied with scary things such as mediums or...astrologers:).

In the natal chart of Dutroux Neptune is the oriental planet (the first outer planet rising before the Sun). Pluto is important because Pluto is conjunct Midheaven. Neptune is sextile Pluto and the Sun is half semi square Neptune/Pluto. And today the aspect is active again, by transit. So it is no surprise that there are rumours (Neptune!) about privilages and hiding facts about important partners in crime. As Neptune rules the fifth house you can also view the effect of this transit as acceptance (sextile) of a 'break' out of the usual environment (I-V) surrounded with mystery (Neptune/Pluto).

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