Friday, February 22, 2008


Jennifer Lopez gave birth to a twin last night. Here you see both charts. The first is of the baby girl, born at 0h11 and the second one is of the baby boy, born at 0h23. Apart from the apparent difference in gender (that will give them different challenges and opportunities in life) there is a slight difference in their charts. The baby boy has Saturn within 1,5 degree orb conjunct the MC. The baby girl has the Sun within 1 degree orb conjunct the IC. Though both will have a crucial Sun opposed to Saturn on the meridian, the accents will differ (one for business, one for show?). Of course there will be more midpoint combinations (especially those with MC or Ascendant involved) that distincts the first baby from the other where character and talents are involved.

The placements of Moon and Saturn high up in the chart might point at their famous parents and the influence that this has on their lifes.

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