Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ruth Rendell has become 68 years old today. The popular writer of psychological detectives is still active as a member of the House of Lords for Labour. She was born 17th February 1930 at about 9 (source Astrolab). This chart shows the following I.D.:

Saturn on the MC (crucial conservative and hierarchic)
Maan opposition Ascendant (popular)
Mars oriental (enterprise, action, agression: an iron lady)
Mercury on top (above all communicator)

Would it be coincidence that Moon/Mercury/Mars/Saturn are prominent? They symbolise psychology, writing and death.

She started working as a journalist. Uranus is the planet of news and makes a tight square with her Midheaven. The symbols connected to the midheaven just have to come out sometimes...But eventually she found her destination in the old House of Lords. (Saturn is in Capricorn).

I happened to notice that the midpoint Sun/Moon (for what you want most) is in hard tight aspect with the midpoint for solving problems and mysteries (Neptune/Pluto)in her chart.

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