Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birth positions of the manager and friend of Britney Spears

Sam Lutfi is the friend of Britney Spears and sometimes he refers to himself as her manager.

He was born 16th August 1974 in Los Angeles with a Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Leo. So much of Leo just asks for a leading role. Sun is sextile Uranus: he is an independant media manager. He is a person who likes to show off and he is rather independant. With 50% of the planets in fire signs he is adventurous and active. He seems to be a rather 'flashy' person. Britney Spears' mothers says it did not take long before he started living in Britney's house.
The Moon is rising before his Sun. That is the sign for an 'involved' person, who is in the first place a caretaker. That seems to suit him.

Why are they friends? Their Moons are in opposite signs (she a Moon Aquarius, he a Moon Leo). That suggests opposites atracting each other (and with a difficulty to live together because of the differences in backgrounds and habits). Her Neptune is trine his Sun (he inspires her) and his Uranus is square her Venus. That is an aspect for love at first sight or for a love adventure, mostly not for long, unless there are other indications. His Neptune is conjunct her Mercury. He might confuse her,too. Neptune, however, is also the planet of empathy and helping people. And of drugs, b.t.w. So thanks to Neptune we will never know it as astrologers, if the rumours are right:)

In the meantime the father of Britney arranged that Sam Lufti is no longer Britney's manager. It seems half of her million's worth bank account has been spent. And more and more tales and rumours surround Sam Lufti.

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