Friday, October 15, 2010

Mars-Uranus, sparks and Uranus in (Zero) Aries

Mars-Uranus is the combination of the short fuse. On Astromarkt is an article about Mars-Uranus and on this blog you find examples starting with this post when you use the label Mars Uranus. I think that the Prodigy's 'Firestarter' is a perfect illustrtation of an extreme case of Mars-Uranus:). Just watch the video on YouTube and you will see why.

Continue to see the links to the lyrics and the video and for more about Uranus in Aries and Aries Point:

Mars-Uranus is resonating accidents and revolutions, but also the special effort in sport and the accelerating engine or the inventive engineer. That is because Mars is the planet of energy, males, muscles and engines. Uranus is the symbol of electricity, the spark, the accelaration.

An example is the moment when Uranus entered Aries (sign of Mars). I had a look at what happened when Uranus entered Aries before and I found that there is a correspondence between then and now. The very first particle accelerator was launched the first time and now CERN started a hugh experiment with Uranus in Aries. Perhaps this experiment is more important than we can imagine right now.

See the post about Uranus in Aries here... I concluded that Uranus opposition Uranus accelerated my ife, too. The next post on  is on October 16, about Zero Aries or Aries Point, with a poll...


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