Friday, October 1, 2010

Eris in practice

Eris ( formerly known as Xena or 2003 UB313) is the symbol of discord. I have a practical example of how Eris is reflecting discord and dissonance. A party leader in my country has transit Eris inconjunct natal Sun tomorrow on a day with the transit Sun exactly opposition his Eris. That is a double Eris transit. What happens?
Tomorrow this party leader faces the party members about the new government. They will judge the joined agreemement with the Liberals that is being officially  'tolerated' by the controversial party of Geert Wilders (PVV). It seems that there will be 4 times as much members as usual and that more than 300 of them wish to speak to the public. There is lack of agreement in the party about the government to be. The majority of the voters for the CDA is pro, but a lot of officials are against the cooperation with Wilders and it is not certain how many of the members are for or against...

That seems to be a perfect example of Eris-time:). I happened to have a transit Sun opposition Eris day, yesterday, and believe me: it showed!

Today Eris is in the 22nd degree of Aries. If your natal or progressed Sun is in the 22nd degree of any sign, you might notice some discord, disagreement or jealous reactions.

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